Saturday, December 4, 2010



Belize doesn´t seem to have any energy policy and probably the game is changing such, that it is not possible to do so in a shifting political environment. If we transpose studies done from the USA to Belize on energy. Most of our current energy needs are met by IMPORTED OIL PRODUCTS, which cost our small country heavily in scarce FOREIGN EXCHANGE.
The most energy requirements are for vehicles and transportation. We do have the capacity to reduce such energy costs about 25% by use of ETHANOL along with gasoline.
Solar energy shows promise, but that would be in the generation field of electricity and would not indent the heavy usage for freight and passenger vehicle traffic. Wind does not seem viable in Belize?
Electric cars are already being used in the world, but it will be in around 7 years before they will become viable in Belize. The country needs second hand electric cars and while Nissan for instance will have a growing production line of improved electric cars, the cars price target is $15,000 usa. In Belize we are more accustomed to spending $1500 usa for a second hand car that is about 8 to 14 years old. Which makes Japanese cars the favorites, due to longer life cycle. The engines running for around 300,000 miles. There does not seem to be a viable alternative to diesel fuel needed for trucks.

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