Sunday, December 5, 2010

BELIZE- $350,000 taxpayer grant to CGA hijacked by Executive?


The BIG Political word was in a state of compassion our government, particularly because Hurricane Richard damaged their citrus crop, our Government CABINET, approved a GRANT for the CGA to distribute to the small citrus growers. The GRANT made up of our scarce tax money and foreign loan inputs, which we other taxpayers in the country have to pay, received little attention. Other than a good thing and compassionate gesture to help and aid small rural farmers with fertilizer and such, the GRANT of our TAX MONEY was $350,000.
The rumor mill on the street was angry though, in the TWIN TOWNS out West. The rumor is the EXECUTIVE of the CGA have hijacked the $350,000 to sue the Citrus Factory over some complaints they have in the EXECUTIVE to do with the management and control of the BOARD by foreign investors.
If anybody gets any blame here, it is the government, the politicians for not putting STRINGS on the GRANT and it´s use. The rest of us citizens and taxpayers are doing without things, like a public works grader fixing our rainy season ravaged dirt streets in my Hillview community and elsewhere around the country. We get our vehicles damaged by huge potholes and ravines in the streets. We thought the GRANT from our tax money was going to help our fellow citizens directly. Not some vague useless LAWYER ENRICHMENT program. We don´t agree with what the CGA Executive are doing anyway. They want control of the Board of the Directors of the Factory, solely so they can bankrupt it with loans, instead of leaving it as a profit making entity.

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