Saturday, December 18, 2010

South Western Belize, Ceiba Chico placer gold mining Erin Ventures moves on with sale of their stock.


According to an Adele Ramos article in the Amandala of Dec. 19, 2010 ( we could not find it online?) Erin Ventures Inc. a Canadian placer gold mining venture working the alluvial gold at the delta of Ceibo Chico area in the Southern Belize Alps, a very remote area. From photos, it looks like they are using a 4 inch, or 6 inch gold washing pump dredge?
Erin Corp. has sold it´s assets for $750,000 Canadian cash. This includes mining licenses. The new buyer has agreed to spend Canadian $350,000 on exploration, or the property control and licenses will revert back to Erin Corp. Around 56 pounds of GOLD per year have been taken out it has been reported, worth around U.S.A $600,000. The different licenses cover about 34 square miles. The veins of gold go down into the rock and have not been followed as of yet. Such gold veins are usually the width of a human hair and the strand breaks apart and you can lose the track of where it is going. I say this from my own experiences in this field. Placer dredge gold mining is a much easier proposition, but dull laborious drudgery of which one gets tired after a while. Depending on how many splits you have to make in ownership shares, you can make more money selling mining stock on the Canadian Stock Exchanges. I´m out of touch, but believe Vancouver is the current hot spot for such ventures floated on the mining exchanges?
Erin Corp. says they are interested in exploring a Boron mineral project in Serbia and wanted to move on.

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