Sunday, November 15, 2009



A lady I know has suffered from arthritis for years. She is not old either. In her 30's and the disease is quite debilitating. Anyway, when we stopped to talk the other day, she was saying she finally found a herbal cure and is much better now. The cure was honey and cinammon mixed in a small drink of water. Perhaps arthritis is simply missing some chemical, or mineral ingredient?

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LadyT said...

I am always open to embracing a new homeopathic remedy. From what I have been reading so far, Belize is the place for all things natural.

The Cayo District in particular seems very appealing to us. We will be visiting Belize in Feb and have arranged our accommodation at a resort in Palencia-
The Bella Maya Resort, which is connected to a new development, The Belize Reserve in the Cayo District.
From what I have read the development is around 15 minutes away from the Carmen airstrip.

Whilst we are in talks with the Belize Reserve representatives in the UK, we do not have any direct contact with someone on the ground in Belize who knows the
area very well.

My personal email address is I would appreciate any information that you might be able to share in terms of knowledge of this project and whether work is actually in progress. My main question is the location and topography. Is the site elevated and in your opinion would any of the rivers nearby be a likely threat.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Turner Francis (Lady T)