Tuesday, November 10, 2009

USA declares war on ALBA countries and Chavez declares war on Colombia?


A document was sent to me yesterday. Apparently it declares war on any anti-USA country in Latin America and the Caribbean by the USA Air Force. This is industrial and economic war. Modern warfare is about AIR POWER and COVERT groups, behind the scenes type activities.

This is said to be an official USA AIR FORCE DOCUMENT presented to Congress at Budget Hearings for expansion of the Palanquero, Colombia air base. The air base is recommended because it is isolated and is central from the USA borders in the North, to Patagonia in the South and can cover air operations, industrial espionage throughout the continent. The idea is to increase the capability of USA warfare capabilities and expand expeditionary warfare capacity. The USA military establishment is used mainly to further the economic requirements of the industrial sector of the USA economy.

I don't know if this document is true or not myself?

The target is ANY ANTI-USA country and government. The document is under the name of Eva Golinger, a US citizen allegedly living in Venezuela.

Belize is covered by this warfare umbrella. In all fairness the US say it is for fighting the FARC and narco terrorism. President Hugo Chavez has declared war on Colombia this past week and is said to be moving 25,000 troops along the border with Colombia. Colombia he says is a client state of the USA. The heart of the move is intended one would presume, to secure a remote frontier and protect the ORINICO OIL RESERVES yet undeveloped. The USA is reported to be changing to a Natural Gas transportation system in which they have gas resources of their own. Since some oil will still be needed, the biggest oil supplier is Venezuela and the biggest oil reserves are the ORINICO BASIN, shared by Colombia and Venezuela and currently controlled not by either country sovereign government, but by the infamous kidnapping 12,000 army of terrorist mafia bandits the FARC. There are no security on the ground from either Caracas or Bogota. No civil service functions serving the area. The USA call it an UNGOVERNED AREA on the maps.
Persian Gulf oil reserves are declining now. They have passed PEAK OIL production.
President Uribe of Colombia changed the Constitution to have a second term. Apparently he is changing the constitution again to run for a third term. This pretty much makes him in Latin America no different than Chavez, who is a PRESIDENT FOR LIFE and has rigged the government, Supreme Court, and fraudulently counts his own ballots, it is said, to say in office.
The document implies that all ALBA FEDERATION countries are enemies of the USA, and authorizes by the budget committee of the US Congress for the military and particularly the AIR FORCE, to carry out this war, but not in those actual words.
Chavez of Venezuela carries out covert war and spying in Colombia, using the FARC TERRORIST BANDIT ARMY along the frontier, and recently he captured three DAS ( Intelligence agents from Colombia) within Venezuela. A tit for tat situation. There are also different factions in the Colombian military and the socialist communist sympathizers are passing intelligence to Venezuela it has been long rumored. The Colombian military have failed to eliminate the FARC and establish good governance in the disputed land areas in the ORINICO basin. There is a lot of economic trade between Venezuela and Colombia by citizens, elsewhere.
Some are saying CHAVEZ is declaring WAR to distract the populace from 27% inflation in his country and an inadequate investment in infra-structure. There are a lot of electrical brownouts and water shortages. In the USA some say that the OBAMA government is trying to STIMULATE the economy with another war, to work it's way out of a depression and rising 18% unemployment figures. Whatever you believe, the region is being destabilized by both CHAVEZ and OBAMA bureaucracies.
In Belize, one should remember; that when the elephants fight, the ants should get out of the way.

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