Saturday, November 14, 2009

Canoeing in the Cayo District of Western Belize Alps foothills!

*** There are worse ways to spend the winter than digging out of snow storms.
*** When it is FREEZING COLD in North America and Europe, remember you could be canoeing and camping in the Belize Alps foothills of Western Belize.
**** Canoeing in Cayo District, the Western Belize Adventures.

I'm always amused by protesting visitors from countries in the colder northern temperate zones. They say they love the changing of the seasons, the variety. Yeah sure! For me, give me the ETERNAL SPRING of BELIZE. I don't want to spend half my life in buildings with the heat on, the bills to pay, digging out of snow banks, driving in heavy traffic with snow chains. Forget it! Then there is the infamous SPRING. Yeah sure! Sleet, mud, rain and cold with alternate glimpses of odd sunlight. Forget it, give me Belize and our climate of ETERNAL SPRING and a full year of living in and outdoors at MY CHOICE! True, January can be chilly here, when the Northers come through from Alaska and we tend to get a lot of rain as the weather fronts pass over. It also gets very warm in May and June. You can sure keep your indoor living up there mon! Not for me! The only decent months up in temperate climates is August, September and October - just a quarter of a year. The other 9 months, or 3/4 's of your life is wasted.

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