Sunday, November 15, 2009



Some of the more outspoken Heads of Government are saying NOW, after 40 years or so, that the concept of a Caribbean Community, or a Common Market are DEAD in the water and will never come to pass.

The reasons are other than business reasons, like insufficient exports and revenues and government done by foreign loan borrowing It seems that the COMMON MARKET idea depends a lot on the common citizenship and free travel of citizens of island countries to be able to travel like in Canadian provinces, or the USA states. The HEADS OF GOVERNMENT are totally opposed to the FREE TRAVEL and WORK abilities of other countries in the Caribbean. Everybody is afraid of a Haitian invasion. Caricom countries are afraid of being flooded by Guyanese and Jamaicans. Not only Haitians. Without the idea you are a citizen of a Federated country with standard laws, the whole concept of a FREE TRADE economic area breaks down.
Population explosion is getting worse and alternate foreign countries to bleed off excess population of Caribbean countries are getting stricter and harder to get into.

Major Heads of GOVERNMENT are now saying a Caribbean Community and or a CARICOM Nation is basically dead, because of the population problem. Most of the countries are all sustained by foreign LOANS to govern with. They have not developed any kind of self sufficiency and exports.

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