Sunday, November 15, 2009

The RISE of vigilante justice in Belize and Guatemala!


Recent articles in the port newspapers of Belize indicate that the murder rate in Guatemala is quite high. Not counting per capita it is high also in Belize. The reasons are much the same.

There is no faith, in either Guatemala or Belize with the justice system. The courts are looked on as a set of rackets, with the only winners being the lawyers. People in both countries have resorted to justice outside of the legal system. The vigilante system of justice is widespread now in both Guatemala and Belize.

Recent newspaper articles in Belize pointed out, you can get a hit man from across the Guatemalan frontier to assassinate somebody for $300 bz, or about $150 usa. here in Western Belize. This is becoming more and more the prefered way of settling beefs, or disputes in Belize. Nobody is discussing the assassination prices to do with the port of Belize City on the coast, which are more common. Frankly I prefer this method over the justice system myself. The Belize national police system continues in corrupt performance according to newspaper articles. Seems they are hiring crooks as recruits? Burglaries in the Santa Cruz neighborhood of Santa Elena Town are escalating. A local nurse working at the government hospital said the other day, that most of the emergency room cases were from Santa Elena town and involved knives and machetes, here in our TWIN TOWNS.

Belize and Jamaica are also in the news with TORTURE by police officers of suspects. Forced confessions are worthless. Everything from dislocating arms and shoulder sockets, to pouring boiling scalding water on the genitals by police officers. In one case in Benque Viejo Town, the ruling Police Inspector even has his bully boy constables to do the torture. No satisfaction can be found through either the police system, or the court system. At least there is no satisfaction in the newspapers in follow up articles. The law in the Caribbean English speaking countries is very much that of the 16 and 17th century. Violent and brutal! Such is the British heritage.

Belize is still small enough not to have yet achieved secret civil, self defense groups, but they undoubtedly are coming. The six or so Guatemalans down by the Rio Dulce that were in the news a couple of years ago for murdering a yachting couple living aboard, during a robbery, have all been assassinated. They went to Guatemalan court trial, which was dismissed and subsequently a local famous business proprietor apparently as the story goes, hired a hit man and sought these murderers out after the justice system failed in that country, and shot them before many witnesses. Nobody saw a thing! As it should be! I kind of like vigilante justice myself. It is certainly cheaper than the lawyer racketeers.

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