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*** Lord Ashcroft, the alleged tax dodger, as UK media portray him, on the other side of the pond. We know from Belize media articles and various PM Barrow speeches that the controlling political party, accuse him ( The UDP of Belize ) of making his billion dollar fortune dodging payment of taxes in Belize. There have been court cases in Belize with the government and Ashcroft over non-payment of taxes. The infamous ROBBER BARON fights his battles in the courts of the world. Since justice this way costs lots of money, few care to do battle with the feared LORD of reputed alleged tax evasion, even the flat broke, heavily in debt UDP government recently seized his shares in BTL allegedly to avoid any more expensive litigation. Our Belize Prime Minister Barrow has declared war on Lord Ashcroft according to the media. Money talks in the U.K. and so far the ROBBER BARON is winning more than he loses in political circles in England. He is slated to become Foreign Secretary in the UK when his political party over there, win the next election says the local gossip here in Belize. This makes PM Barrow here afraid.

( from the Belize culture listserve debate on the future and row with the UK )


Actually I'm using chicken entrails as in voodoo prophecies.

There is a bunch of anti-UK documentaries on tv. I saw one last night on Mauritius and the CHAGOS ISLANDS, where the UK are going to evict the population, who have been living there for generations. Secret Foreign Office records were shown, how the UK actually got to take over the CHAGOS ISLANDS and their written reports and contempt for the indigenous people there. Imagine Belize with Lord Ashcroft as the UK Government Foreign Minister?

With St. Vincent and the Grenadines going to a Republican type of Constitution, Mr. PM Barrow who follows closely the CARICOM events, seems to me, to have a wider long range view of the future of Belize? I would not be surprised to see him Change the Constitutional Setup of the KINGDOM of BELIZE and get rid of the monarchy and go to a Presidency system like other CARICOM countries, using a President elected by PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION.

Certainly the sugar business hurt him badly in the double cross he received from the UK and EU in his first year and I'm sure he remembers this double cross. We get very little of anything from the UK anymore. Nor are we likely to get any assistance. Even the Cayman Islands are going to go INDEPENDENT. The UK is broke and in no position in a declining importance in the world, able to compete in the NEW WORLD ORDER. Much of their exports have been taken over by India ( GDP of 6.5% this year 2009 ) and China. Brazil, Colombia and Mexico have taken over the processed food business, that used to be their Empire main export in the UK. The UK military has been cut back about 75% in funding. The UK is declining to a 2nd rate power. Their machine and tool industry is neglible anymore. They are fighting hard to maintain supremacy in the FINANCIAL MARKETS WORLD system. The North Sea oil is rapidly finishing, on which they built their socialist government system.

I think PM Barrow is acting right. The issue is over Lord Ashcroft. If the UK does not rein him in, then we in the KINGDOM OF BELIZE will split with the UK. We would not here, even miss his Belize Bank. There are plenty of banks here, to take over and fight for his Bank market share. Personally I approve of such a thing. We in this new world, have to learn to stand on our own two feet. Using a crutch like the crippled UK is not helping us. We must become innovative and competitive. While we have had the UK as a crutch, our growth has been stunted. Sometimes you have to throw the would be swimmer in the water off the end of the pier. To learn to swim. Time Belize did that!

Robber Baron exploiter Lord Ashcroft is simply the STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMEL'S BACK?

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Date: Monday, November 30, 2009, 8:54 AM

Are you reading tea leaves or looking into your personal crystal ball?

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The point Mary, is that Belize will probably follow suit with some other Caricom countries and go to a REPUBLIC and shed the title of THE KINGDOM OF BELIZE. I think this is the first opening propoganda moves and I approve, especially if a President elected by proportional representation is involved. The blame will be on the UK and the QUEEN, not on Belize for breaking with them.

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So, Trevor. If you were Cameron and were given an ultimatum by the PM
or Belize – Belize or Ashcroft – who would YOU pick?
What’s the point of all this?

On 11/29/2009 1:25:56 PM, Trevor Vernon ( wrote:
> With the greatest respect MEL, I think the PM has made that case to the
> public before and more importantly he has the total support of the masses..
> .or herd as Gorgeous G puts it. The voting public is more than happy with
> the PM putting the Lord in check especially if phone rates and mortgage
> terms improve generally.
> The Bank the Pulpo controls has exercised some rather harsh loan recalls
> on political targets in the past (recent & not-so-recent) that even the
> elites are not too happy about him. So, in addition to the masses being
> unhappy with Pulpo the upper crust is somewhat uneasy with his
> stranglehold as well. All this bodes real well for the office of the PM to
> go on the offensive.
> Finally, while a sizable portion of the media is either owned or controlled

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DAVID said...

I love the U.K., for, otherwise we would `ve been a little mexico or a little guatemala. We are the only English speaking nation in C.A. Unfortunately we inherited their ugly ways of dealing with people and of doing business .