Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ms Gegg of Belize, a natural blonde of Belize

** Ms Gegg. The Gegg family go back several generations and are renowned as business entrepreneurs. Ms Gegg right now in her life is a painter type artist.
** Eat your heart out! This is Ms. Gegg in the age bracket at the prime of her life. She is a natural blond and one of her parents was from Denmark. The Mennonites, a religous farming cult, have a lot of blond haired, fair skin, blue eyed girls. Several thousand of them. They tend to be of Russian genes though, and of farm stock. Due to inbreeding they really need some outside genes in their farming people in Belize. Great for pulling a plow, but homely and stocky. Big boned heavy types.
Not Ms Gegg though. As an artist one cannot figure out if people are admiring because of her looks, or her artistic work.

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