Friday, May 28, 2010



Take a look at the portable Rafael SKYLITE DRONE ( UAV ) aerial reconnaisance flying vehicle.
You could buy this, or build it in Belize. The market would be the government different departments. Mostly the Coast Guard, and the Fisheries Department.
The range of this UAV is only 10 kilometers and the duration of flight on batteries is 1 hour. Bit short for local conditions.
However, if you built a slightly larger body and wing span, out of carbon fiber like we build Ruta Maya canoes and fitted it with a fuel tank and small gasoline engine, you could probably extend the range and time in the air quite a bit. The difficulty would more be to do with line of sight radio controlled operation. Perhaps putting up a tethered balloon relay? The skills are in country to build and operate this already as planes are built locally.
To make it work, the government departments concerned, would have to deposit money in your small business account as a credit balance and then you draw on that, as they book operating hours. For search purposes, a lot of money could be saved from fuel budgets and boat engine maintainance currently incurred by Fisheries and Coast Guard.
I'd expect you would first buy one, and then import the camera, gimbals and radio apparatus for installation in something slightly bigger. Most of these things could be launched from any road.
SKYLITE have a video demo on U Tube.

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Anonymous said...

It was interesting coming across your article. I am considering seriously moving to Belize and work with affordable UAVs currently. The model that you mention is not affordable by any means and this is representative of country selling it. I would love to talk to you some more on this, if you'd like.