Sunday, May 9, 2010


SCIENTISTS OF RUSSIA, FRANCE AND AUSTRIA say that GM Foods are population control.

Scientific studies are showing that genetically modified foods are going to reduce WORLD POPULATION this century by defects.
The science is showing in hamsters and guinea pigs, that GM FOODS are interfering with the reproductive capacity of animal organisms. Starting from the 3 rd generation, and by the 5th generation, the gene system goes awry. The reproductive capacity of animals eating genetically modified foods, reduces the capacity and even stops it, from reproducing.

An article in greater depth of these scientific studies can be found at April 26th, 2010.

The Russians are particularly adamant about foods being altered by Monsanto. Studies so far have been to do with Gene modified corn and soy beans. My wife says we will not eat anything to do with soybeans anymore. So far, in Belize we still have native corn, it is believed.

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