Sunday, May 30, 2010


This weekend newspapers had a bit on the postponement of the promised selling of BTL shares to the Belizean public, due in May, last month, until after September. They say they are working on a PROSPECTUS.
What I'm interested in is; the Price Earnings ratio, the Book Value, the gross revenues and expenses, etc.
The government who nationalized the Belize Telecommunications Company did not say they are going to sell the shares, by acceptable world standard trading methods. With a BID and ASK auction, as in a stock market. We have no stock market in Belize yet. BTL would be a good company to start with. I'd be happy to act as Market Maker. Creating the SPREAD as in BID and ASK prices. Sales and the bid and ask can be quoted in the weekly REPORTER newspaper.
BTL is a company that has been sold and exchanged often with many court battles over control of the company and run by various majority owners to loot and plunder the company. Small local shareholders have traditionally got the short end of the stick, they say?
I think I would like to see BTL used as a PUBLIC COMPANY that is no longer new, no longer a monopoly, treated like any other share public company on a stock exchange in Belize. Even if it is a one company stock exchange.
Assuming you wish to give preference to Belizeans as shareholders, I would assume one would give three months or so, for them to buy at auction, bidding on shares. At the moment BTL from the outside looking in, is looking like a PENNY STOCK? Only an auction, as in a stock exchange would clear up true values of the company. By the same token the sound bites coming out of the FINANCE MINISTER/PRIME MINISTER, sound more like colonial dictatorship, with a one party state. I betcha they are going to dictate share value and price the company shares are going to be sold at? If so, I'm staying out of that outrageous scam. BTL is NOT an IPO, (initial public offering ) BTL is a known old company been around and the football of both political parties for their own advantage for a couple of decades. It is time in my opinion we go modern in Belize and start a STOCK EXCHANGE of one company and that company should be BTL.
We shall see what we shall see, but old habits of one party ruled states die hard.

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