Monday, May 31, 2010



Minister Melvin Hulse is a great talker. Could convince an Eskimo to buy a refrigerator. He did a masterful job in instilling confidence in the public mind about the ability of NEMO to be ready for the one or two hurricanes we expect to hit Belize this year. He was so convincing the government and NEMO was ready, we are awarding the UDP 5 points on their report card, to 65%.
There is an 82 % chance that Belize will get hit by one hurricane and a 61% chance Belize will be hit by two hurricanes this season.
The problem bottleneck is Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. With 40,000 residents in the two islands, it would take a month with existing transportation services to evacuate people. Most will leave it until the last day, or two days. Then it will be impossible for them to flee the islands. Any good hurricane hitting just 12 miles South of either island will see a massive death toll.
Over 15,000 of the population on the two islands have homes, or families back in the Western part of the country. Our family have seven such small homes for this purpose in Western Belize.
Well Melvin Hulse takes credit for the 5 points on LOVE FM and we shall see what we shall see about NEMO performance after the event whenever it happens.

Cabinet member Melvin Hulse is the transportation minister who could not re-route bus permits to the Western Border immigration crossing. Within 3 months, the Guatemalan asphalt paved highway will reach this immigration crossing and the new Guatemalan Bridge across the Mopan River is nearly finished, also at the border crossing. Visitors and tourists alike have to hike with luggage 2 1/2 miles to the border post from the park in Benque Viejo Town. Before the end of the year we are going to be connected in Western Belize to the Central American International paved highway system. The Yucatan, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras are inextricably bound to Belize in a developing economic partnership trading system, which is going to make our local Belize economy boom as fast as new entrepreneurs can take advantage of the opportunities.

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Tamara said...

What source are you quoting from?
"There is an 82 % chance that Belize will get hit by one hurricane and a 61% chance Belize will be hit by two hurricanes this season."