Tuesday, May 25, 2010


guests communal kitchen,dining area

Three story hostel annex.

The former HOSTEL known as FALCONVIEW BACKPACKERS ADVENTURE HOSTEL closed down in Fall of 2009. Ray, his wife Silvia and brother-in-law Gustavo are getting too old to run it. We are building a duplex a block away, designed suitably for old folks. There are many web sites on the internet describing this popular HOSTEL.

A good site for photos of the two rental apartments in the ANNEX is: http://stellapinzon.tripod.com/apartmentwesternbelize/

A good website with information on real estate sales can be found at:
http://www.belizefirst.com There is another story called "retirementinbelize" can be found on BELIZE NORTH website using GOOGLE.

The former HOSTEL has an inner small 400 sq.ft. house, with two bedrooms, bath and kitchen for the owners. The HOSTEL in the lower story has a living room with hammocks and currently used as a private living room for television, reading books and Silvia's weaving projects. There is also in this building an 8 bed double bunk dormitory with a shared bathroom, with three toilets, three showers and two sinks. Quite a large bathroom designed originally for the HOSTEL lower dormitory. The other side of this lower building has a large common kitchen and dining area. Now as a private home, currently used for warping weaving projects and reading books on the futon, hammock, and the weekly housekeeper also makes her own lunch in the kitchen. In the second annex building, a three story affair, is a lower floor warehouse, used for a tool room and furniture making as needed. The two pickup trucks are parked also in this downstairs lower section. This floor also has a seperate tool room and a storage room under the stairs. The second floor contains a furnished one bedroom apartment with bath, kitchen and verandah. Nice view here too. The other side of the hallway is a 4 bed dormitory and bathroom for guests. The third floor has a vegetable nursery in the photo below and an apartment of which the bedroom has been converted into a trading room with two computer desks. It has a lovely verandah with beautiful views over two valleys.
Belize is very much outdoor living. There are usually numerous papaya trees growing, a breadfruit tree, an orange tree, couple of coconut trees around the central courtyard. Around the perimeter of the buildings are dwarf coconut trees and also a cashew tree. All this on a corner 75 ft x 100 ft lot in Hillview on the slope of Green Parrot Valley. We are ten minutes from shopping. Though there is a local village grocery shop with most things urgently needed.

This nursery is on the third floor of the annex, opposite to the third floor former apartment, which bedroom has been turned into a trading room, with two computer desks.
This nursery is downstairs in the backyard. Both nurseries were part of a 3 year NGO RESEARCH PROJECT to do a book on vegetable growing in tropical Belize - the project is now finished and both nurseries when time permits will be taken down to make way for additions of some sort.
Ray on one cold morning in January when the temperature dropped into the high 60's F. Using the two computer option trading room, which was made out of the bedroom of the furnished apartment on the third floor of the annex. The beds from this room were put downstairs in storage.

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