Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obama guilty on 17 counts? USA the Banana Republic?


From the outside looking into the USA, it is really wierd. I understand third hand from the gossip mill and street conversation that the court case with Columbia University in the State of New York, in a legal trial they say; found OBAMA guilty on 17 counts with the President of Columbia University. Included were fraud, racketeering, treason, and a few other things I cannot remember being told?
There is an explanation video on the internet, but I didn't see it and only getting stuff third hand.
Apparently OBAMA has used over 30 social security numbers, with dead names, fake addresses on some of them and so forth? I think I was told the court case was not so much about OBAMA, but the President of Columbia University SELLING diplomas under the table in a black market type deal? Never got that understanding quite right as I'm not that interested.
Still everything about the history of OBAMA seems to be phoney? That's the impression I get from the gossip mill. An ordinary citizen would end up in the Federal Penitentiary? In this case, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY run the country of the USA and they control the JUSTICE SYSTEM, so apparently there will be no jail sentencing? OBAMA is but the PUPPET and public voice, for a political industrial machine of rulers is the opinion I'm forming? Maybe it has always been so? Certainly a powerful country like the USA that cannot supply preventive clinics medicine to the majority of it's citizens is backward by modern standards. Don't much care, but it makes HONDURAS last year look like a birthday party.
Story I got is that Columbia University is going to search all their DIPLOMA's going back 29 years and there is talk of pulling the University accredition in New York state.
The mystery for us in Central America outside of the USA is why the cable TV main news shows have boycotted the whole trial? Not a word, not a peep! Makes one of a suspicious mind believe that the JEWISH LOBBY and voting control machine of the SENATE and CONGRESS also control all the television news stations, as has been said many times by others. So there is definitely a racketeering thing going on here, the uninformed would immediately suspect?
So, if there is no JUSTICE in the USA, no RULE OF LAW, what about the rest of us in Central America and the Caribbean, how should we act in our own countries, if the so called shining example of alleged democracy turns out to be nothing more than a typical Latin American political mafia?

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