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Thiessen Family at Spanish Lookout have branched out into tankers of liquid fertilizer. They are selling small amounts. They claim to have played with the fertilizer adjustments for local conditions for several years and are confident they offer a good product for sale now.

There is a Ko-ox Meat Shop, but haven't been able to find that yet in the TWIN TOWNS. Went looking on Saturday.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico tourist centers, importers of food products are now subscribing to Belize Ag Report, to get food prices for their clientele, to order from Belize.

Bissy nuts they report have a helluva lot more caffeine than coffee. Also called COLA nuts, guru nuts and such in Africa.

Recommendations are niche organic foods are the proper certification market for many small Belize producers. A 4 year process.

Early signs are that the DOW, or stock market in the USA and around the world will drop badly this Fall. Maybe down to the 8000 Dow level? In a double bottom. Too early yet to know for sure, but by August we should know. If so; TOURISM WILL HAVE A VERY BAD WINTER SEASON coming. Prepare for it and SAVE some money to carry you through. The following year and thereafter should be good though.

Somebody is recommending a cross between the Canadian potato and the tropical Yam.
It is called an AIR POTATO. Haven't seen or tried it yet. But highly recommended by Jenny Wildman, at

Interesting article on different vegetables. We have switched from leaf lettuce to Mustard Lettuce almost exclusively here in Hillview. Tastes like yellow mustard, but grows well all year round. Have two varieies so far. The leaves are not like Tropical Emperor leaf lettuce a local favorite in season, used for hamburgers, but bigger and thicker and some varieties a little hairy. Makes good healthy salads though. We eat it regularly as it grows year round well. Big leaves. The iron is needed for my vegetarian wife.

Goat herds are expanding and producing milk. Bought some pepper hot goat cheese yesterday. Very good from a Colorado origin Mennonite, back of Spanish Lookout. He had different varieties of cheese to sell. Claims his two motorbikes were stolen, by his workers he thinks, back on his remote farm. He was hitchhiking and I gave him a ride.

Citrus Juice Factory, the general public are hoping against hope, that the small growers CGA will not destroy, or bankrupt the factory, now they have majority control of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS and chase money and greed to their own advantage. History doesn't stand well on this though. The history of Belize is rife with busted Cooperatives that have been destroyed by groups like the CGA.

There are 300 acres of Jatropha Curcas grown in Belize. It is a high energy fuel substitute oil made from seeds. Produces in first year. I would like to see more AG Report news on how to produce the fuel for diesel engines small scale? The photo in the Ag report looks like my ornamental Elephant Ears???

Sugar Cane ethanol is a viable small scale farmer business in Belize. Some farmer making 25 gallons a day a few days a week, could supplement their income. The AG REPORT are talking nonsense with $150 million USA for a factory plant. You can do this cottage industry style, like a Mennonite for less than a $1000 usa investment.

Citrus Factory is producing citrus waste cattle feed pellets which will be mostly sold and shipped to the Dominican Republic.

CACAO FEST to be held in Toledo district by the jungle Maya April 30th, to May 2nd. You like chocolate, it is the place to go.

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