Saturday, May 1, 2010



Automobiles stolen in Guatemala are being brought across the border into Belize illegally and there is a ring in the Belize City Council run TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT that has false papers, rubber stamps and the whole works, run by a UDP campaigner tv news say. Traffic Department manager has gone public on TV, with 4 vehicles that have not paid duty, did not enter the country legally, has not paid licenses, insurance and customs duties, etc. Says the license plates are issued fraudulently, etc. Says he knows about it, but the criminal gang within the TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT are UDP politically protected and he has not been able to fire the criminals. He tries, but the politicians hire them back. Biggest one was a very expensive TOYOTA bullet proof 4 door, 4 wheeler. Says he doesn't care if he is fired over this or not, but he is supposed to be an HONEST MANAGER, but expected to keep his mouth shut. UDP will get a lot of corruption heat over this in general elections. If there are any other decent new choices in the next election, UDP will lose over this. Village Council elections went overwhelmingly to INDEPENDENT candidates. PUP are striking out.

Customs BONDED Container supposed to have gone to the COROZAL FREE ZONE, in a convey of two container trucks from the port of Belize City to Corozal. First truck with guard arrived in Corozal Free Zone but the second container, was emptied enroute, never went to the Corozal Free Zone, but delivered back empty to the Customs compound in Belize City. Government says it is ordinary CONTRABAND SMUGGLING merchandise. Container was inspected in the port before sending out in truck convoy. The driver is being questioned by police, but the criminal organization has to involve at least 5 to 7 people in the Customs Department compound in Belize City? Government ripped off about $18,000 in taxes.

Can't remember the third item, offhand. Getting old ( 73 ). When it comes to me will post it.

Assorted scams and con games being reported on TV, but usually individual crime in government offices of the bureaucracy, embezzlement mostly, not directly related to the politiboro MINISTERS.

Stopped by CENTRAL CABLE TV office over in San Ignacio yesterday. Asked them the progress of their internet viable cable. They said they had reached San Ignacio Town side of the river from Bullet Tree village and were laying cable inside San Ignacio Town. Would get to my house in about two more months. They are offering 256 kbps for $190 a month and 512 Kpbs for $290 a month already. Think I will budget for the $190 a month one, and see if that will allow me to operate my brokerage software from Chicago, online? For my financial services enterprise. Otherwise I can live with SMART slow stuff. I have a target of two months anyway for moving from hypothetical trading to CASH business. Presuming everything continues to go alright. NO LOSS trading!

CENTRAL CABLE TV is the only new customer services via internet service in TWIN TOWNS and environs. Neither BTL or SMART are offering anything and are not taking any more customers for what they have, as their bandwidth is oversold. Expat friend told me yesterday she could not get SMART broadband, as they were not taking any new customers. BTL also in past week, are not offering any new broadband internet service, in our Santa Elena Town area, of any kind.
We need price competition apparently between BTL and CENTRAL CABLE TV for service? I would prefer BROADBAND as that from SMART works fine, EVEN when the electricity goes off and I use battery operated computer. Just inadequate speed and bandwidth. The only drawback with CENTRAL CABLE TV will be that it will go off, whenever BEL cuts electricity. At the moment SMART is the only game in town, slow as it is, in my section of Santa Elena Town ( Hillview ). They dropped their price to $55 per month, for a claimed 115 Kbps. I will probably have to have both CABLE TV internet and SMART broadband wireless dialup, to keep uninterrupted service, subject to electrical brownouts. Anxious for CENTRAL CABLE TV to arrive here at my house. Given up on BTL and think I will not buy any stock in the company if and when it is offered for sale. Does not seem like a winner to me? Non competitive company under government nationalization and Board of directors of party appointees. They are incompetent in my view?

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