Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The BELIZE National Math Olympiad for HIGH SCHOOLS is on for 2011.

The following High Schools in the Western Cayo District will be entering the Math Olympiad contest.

Belmopan Baptist High School
Belmopan Comprehensive School
Cayo Christian Academy
Our Lady of Guatelupe High School
Sacred Heart College ( High School )
Valley of Peace S.D. Academy
Belizean Christian Academy
Eden S.D.A. High School
Mount Carmel High School
St. Ignatius High School

For international readers: Most schools in Belize are owned and operated by foreign religious missions. Our government is too poor to pay for schools, but they do pay the teachers of schools. All these above are varieties of Christian cults. There are as of yet, no Hindu schools, Brahman, Chinese, Japanese, Mormon, or Muslim schools in this Western area. Though we have such native language speakers in small groups of our population.

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