Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bianca de la Fuente of Belize ( high school girl ), Momma- Wendy Auxillou

Teenage student of Muffles College and beloved granddaughter of Ray Auxillou, on the left in the photo. She would have been just a good bite for the hammerhead shark or the two big 1000 lb BULL SHARKS in the Blue Hole scuba dive.

*** Beeeg BULL SHARKS often found in the Blue Hole. They seem more curious than dangerous! Usually found on the East side of the Blue Hole.
*** This is the stalactites around 120 million years old they say, from around which the famous 120 foot BLUE HOLE MONSTER came swimming out through a party of 5 pioneering USA divers on a dive trip, on the boat ATOLL QUEEN from Caye Caulker, in the early 1960´s. The stalactites are found around 135 feet deep.
The Famous Blue Hole of Belize put on the scuba destination map, by Cap´n Ray Auxillou in the 1960´s. It became a world famous status scuba destination, for those bragging about scuba diving. Inhabited by Hammerhead sharks and Bull Sharks ( over 1000 lbs ) and once famous for the appearance of the mysterious 120 foot long BLUE HOLE MONSTER, discovered by 5 divers from the USA in the 1960´s.

*** Bianca ( Auxillou ) de la Fuente, scuba diving the Blue Hole, at Lighthouse reef atoll in Belize.

Bianca ( Auxillou ) de la Fuente, teenage high school girl of Muffles College in Orange Walk Town, Belize, Central America, 2010. Granddaughter of famous Ray Auxillou. Scuba diving for her first time in the Blue Hole of Lighthouse Reef Atoll. Looking for the Blue Hole Monster and those reputed great big BULL SHARKS of 1000 lbs that inhabit the Blue Hole.

THE BEST BLUE HOLE SCUBA TRIPS ARE ARRANGED FROM THE ISLAND OF CAYE CAULKER BY THE BARRIER REEF AT -FRENCHIES SCUBA DIVING PLACE-. ABEL AND TINA are MASTER RATED DIVEMASTERS, AND WILL TAKE YOU THE OPEN OCEAN TRIP OF 90 MILES TO LIGHT HOUSE REEF ATOLL, IN A FAST BOAT, WHERE THE FAMOUS, BLUE HOLE IS LOCATED. Tina Auxillou is famous in her own right and also an ocean going boat captain. Ask for her on the island of Caye Caulker for dive lore and advice. She also has four condos right on the beach front, for overnight guests, called the Blue Moon. She is the daughter of now retired Ray Auxillou ( 74th year ) Though he has been noted to still scuba dive occasionally.

Bianca de la Fuente, is the niece of Tina Auxillou, and daughter of Wendy Auxillou, another scuba certified dive master, though in 2010 and 2011 not living on the island of Caye Caulker, as she is in the USA putting her other daughters through college and University in Katy, Texas an outer town of Houston. She works for the County School Board.

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