Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do University of Belize 400 new graduates fit our economic opportunities?

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH ACADEMIC GRADUATES FROM OUR UNIVERSITY? Are they really educated to fill our many business opportunities and grow our economy?

400 University of Belize graduates this month. Queer seeming month to graduate in February I would think. But then I don´t know anything about that subject.
Now are they educated properly for a life in Belize? That is another questions?
1) How many of them are going to be entrepreneurial business people? 2) How many will go into the speculative construction business. 3) How many of them will start the packaging business the growing economy needs? Like importing cardbard and manufacturing the boxes to export chocolates and ginger biscuits and our many tea plant varities in tea bags, etc. 4) Or how many of these graduates are going to start a distribution business for local small producers for in-country sales and collections.

We as a country have NO salaried jobs for 400 graduates a year from academia. The government jobs are maxed out according to our national debt. Trade school graduates maybe? So how is our higher education fitting people for the local job market and more importantly the entrepreneurial business opportunities and needs we are crying out for? We need people to grow the economy. Are these people going to do it?

I´d like to read a study of the aspirations of these 400 graduates from the University of Belize ACADEMIA. Are they REALLY QUALIFIED for our economic needs?

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