Friday, February 4, 2011


Tyler Auxillou Leoper in dormitory.
Momma Tina Auxillou and son Tyler Auxillou on trip from Caye Caulker, Belize to visit with his Dad in Nairobi, Kenya and this beach resort he ran in Mombasa. Tyler is on the camel.

**** TYLER AUXILLOU LOEPER. Caye Caulker with MOM in 2010.

A fifth generation Auxillou that we know about. Actually the family Auxillou go back over a 1000 years. Tyler was the son of Tina Auxillou and Zigfried Loeper and was brought up in his early years in Caye Caulker, in Belize. He later ended up with his father in Nairobi, Kenya. As a young man he quickly became accustomed to hopping on planes back and forth between, Europe, Africa, the USA and Belize. Most of his teen years, he was a shuttle commuter. Graduating from a locally prestigious High School in Nairobi, Kenya, with an honors in sociology, he ended up in China for a year, studying one of the Chinese languages. He currently is enrolled in a New York University and living in a dormitory. Word received, Tyler is going to study Biology Ed and Pre-med: Wants to be an inventor, creating medical devices. I guess? If Grandpa can learn to build boats and airplanes by himself, the grandson should be able to do this! ( grin )

website for Auxillou Family geneology details.

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