Thursday, February 3, 2011

MAYA ISLAND AIR fromBelize to inaugurate a USA budget flight.

Maya Island Air, one of two internal and external short flight airlines. Latest word from Maya Island Air is the proposed budget flight to the USA with a 737 is still in the proposal and talking stage.


The whole country wishes them with all sincerity the very best of luck. I myself would like to go visit my daughter in Texas, airline fares are just too expensive to Belize. Fares to far away Ecuador in South America are much cheaper.

Maya Island Air has leased a 737, is currently arranging to fly it from New Orleans to Belize International, and then onto Fort Lauderdale. This is to be a daily flight, and it is hoped that they will start before easter.

Without a doubt this is the most exciting news that the tourism sector has had in the last few years because this is really going to bring another 1000 people a week to Belize. Over a decade ago there was a bi-weekly flight from Louisanna, and the flights were stopped, but now with the problems in Mexico we believe that it will be a very popular route.

The flight from Fort Lauderdale to Beliuze International will reputedly be much less expensive from the Miami one and it is hoped that the budget travelers will use this rather than going elsewhere. Maya’s representatives are convinced that the planes will have good loads as their research many people wish to come to Belize but they find that the current flight prices from Miami are just too high.

For the second day in succession we at the Ambergris Daily find ourselves congratulating one of our local airlines in promoting and giving tourism a huge boost. Congratulations to all at Maya Island Air.

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