Monday, February 7, 2011

Isabella Auxillou, granddaughter of Ray Auxillou in Melbourne, Australia

Granddaughter Isabella Auxillou, New Years 2011.

Isabella Auxillou is a world traveller and has been around the world. She has lived in Melbourne, Australia for the last few years. Her Mom lives in Ontario, Canada and so do that branch of her first cousins. Her cousins on my side, live all over the place, but mostly in the USA and Belize. Isabella´s father was my son Steve Auxillou and died from Hepatitus after a Friday evening party after being released from the hospital in Vancouver, Canada. From complications of drinking beer while recovering. Anyway, Isabella has a mind of her own and the closest kindred spirit here, is her Aunt - Tina Auxillou, on Caye Caulker. Who in her own way is just as rebellious and intent on enjoying life to the full. I am enjoying FACEBOOK since I recently joined and following all the various lives and experiences of my children, grandchildren and now my first great grandchild.


Andygroove said...

Isabelle is my best friend from London,ontario since grade school,,,she is a great person with a good kind heart,,maybe ill be chilling up in belize with her in the near future,,,aahhh belize Peace and love Andy Garcia

Andygroove said...

isabelle lives in London at the moment but her dream is to be up in belize chillin in tha sunshine ! hopefully ill get to be up there at some point,have heard so many good things from different people who have been there,its kinda like the new ibiza (or will be soon) but more eco friendly and even more beautiful!

Isabelle Auxillou said...

That's very nice of you to say
Mr. Dj Andy Groove & yes Belize is paradise :O) !!

Anonymous said...

Hey Isabella! I think we've met long ago, I worked in st Thomas, would love to chat, if this is the same person :/
You can reach me at bikergofast at,