Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Star newspaper of Western Cayo District, of the nation of BELIZE.

The local STAR newspaper, our Western Belize weekly newspaper is questioning the premise of our British electoral Prime Minister system.

The revolt in ARAB countries against their police states, sometimes with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Sheiks, Emirs, Kings, Mullahs, etc., has given rise to an in depth article on the Commonwealth countries in particular. The system we use as government and the many countries that have recurring, heads of states, inherited by their children and the political parties sustained by police states, violence, torture and terror. Real Democracy provides for regular removal of leaders and their political party system.
Even in Belize, our Constitution does not prohibit more than two terms in office, or prevent sons, wives, or daughters from inheriting the political party and the top administrative position of the country. With all the trappings of power, and access to controlling government jobs, while being able to steal from the tax revenues and the national treasury. Around the world, hereditary monarchs and their aristocratic family system are being replaced with fake republican and parliamentary political heads of state models. Tyranny is a constant in most countries of the world.
The STAR newspaper is to be commended on instigating a look at our own political system.
In Belize writers like Clinton Luna in the Amandala newspaper criticizes the British Parliamentary Constitution we copy in Belize. We are controlled by British Aristocracy, recognize we belong to the Queen of England, ruled by the Queen´s Governor General in emergencies, our society is inundated with mock titles to encourage rule by Britain, such as; awards of Knighthoods, and Member of the British Empire medals and titles, by what Clinton Luna our Mayan writer calls continuous subjection by our ROYAL CREOLES of the old colonial capital, the port town of Belize City. Even in England, the British Military establishment swear allegiance to the Royal Family and not to their representative government, the parliament. The taxes of the masses are spent to reward the aristocratic monarchy hereditary system. Bright and influential people in Belize are CO-OPTED by the British MONARCHIAL ARISTOCRACY through awards of KNIGHTHOODS AND MBE´S among other things.

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