Sunday, February 6, 2011

THE SURNAME AUXILLOU has genetic advantages.

Tamara Auxillou at Grand Bend on holiday 2007.
GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER of Ray Auxillou, for Grand daughter Tamara Auxillou, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
Tamara Auxillou, daughter of son of Ray Auxillou, Mark Auxillou, both Dad - Mark and daughter Tamara, and great granddaughter in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

The trouble with the AUXILLOU´s is there are too many girls born and when they marry, the surname is lost. We have a lot of broken history links going back a 1000 years in the Southern Pyrenees mountains of France. In this modern age, it would be better for girls born with the surname AUXILLOU to keep their surnames when they marry. They might as well anyway, because marriages don´t last a lifetime anymore anyway, if they ever did? The thing you should be proud of is the surname AUXILLOU, because it is unique. I doubt if you look in any big city telephone book, like London, Paris, or New York for example, that you will find anybody with the surname AUXILLOU. If you find the name AUXILLOU you can bet your are related in some way. That is a rather distinct advantage in this world. In France the surname has been lost due to marriages of too many daughters. Yet the name AUXILLOU and their descendents, have good genes, because they have survived all kinds of wars, invasions, and other disasters, and the genes make them very capable for adapting to changing environmental and political circumstances.

ref: The History of Belize Tourism ( on this Blog )

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