Monday, June 6, 2011

Belize manufactured SOY SAUCE builds on trends of local food processing progress.

There was an exciting video interview shown on the new prototype SOY SAUCE development. Do not know where it is. But a thatched roofed, cement floor building with a lot of stainless steel big pots, to boil and mix ingredients by hand ladels, to make SOY SAUCE. The cooperative women in the project, being taught by the Taiwanese Chinese mission were excited about making and bottling SOY SAUCE. They said we import $1 million worth of SOY SAUCE a year. So there was a viable business. They were fermenting some kind of beans, adding incredients like LECITIN, and other stuff that goes into SOY SAUCE. A true developmental enterprise. Loved to see it. Maybe they can export to Mexico and Guatemala?

Soy Sauce produced in Belize

good evening, Ray....

yes, the soy sauce project is very exciting, I know we'll be first in line to try the new product when it arrives on shelves in Cayo.

the project is happening up in Corozal and Orange Walk, and involves 10 womens' groups from different villages and towns... Chunox, San Antonio, Santa Cruz, San Felipe and others.

oh, and the beans are soy beans, of course

Soy Sauce Produced in Belize?

Belizeans love soy sauce on all that Chinese food we eat….but what about making soy sauce?

That's the aim of a new project in northern Belize - making soy sauce out of soy beans which grow easily in Belize. The Ministry of Agriculture Central Farm Agro processing unit in collaboration with Taiwan's Agricultural Mission is currently hosting a three day practical training in processing soy sauce.

This training goes along with production of soybeans is being implemented in Corozal and Orange Walk. The practical training will cover basic procedure from handling, cooking, fermenting until the final process of the material. A total of 10 women groups both from Orange walk and Corozal district are participating in the training.

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The bottled product lasts from 8 to 12 months. The Ministry of Agriculture with the assistance of the Taiwan Government is presently carrying out a survey to seek markets for the Soy Sauce. After the survey is conducted the product will be introduced into the local market.
Screen_shot_2011-06-01_at_7.52.03_PMCarmelita Perez- Reporting

All these seven drums contain 50 lbs of soy beans which for the past six months have been fermenting in 55 gallons of purified water and 15 bags of salt. The longer the mixture ferments the better the taste of the Soy Sauce. For the past six months these women have been taking care of the drums making sure they are properly sterilized every time the mixture is stirred so as to avoid contamination.

Today the mixture is ready to be converted into Soy Sauce and we start off by taking out some of the soy liquid from each drum after which it is prepared for cooking. The moment the soy mixture is placed on the fire to cook it has to be stirred constantly to avoid burning; this will also give the Soy Sauce a better taste.