Saturday, June 25, 2011


Supreme Court rules that government takeover of BTL was unconstitutional. Ashcroft attorney lawyer Eamon Courtenay, and Dean Boyce, were shown on tv video clips marching into BTL headquarters to take over the company again.

Barrow tv interviews, sounded like a flustered man, without any plans. Mumbling something about having to contact the lawyers for government guidance on the way, if any, forward. What a mess. I´m glad I did not get to buy any BTL shares from government.

BTL was being managed BETTER under government management than when run by BARON ASHCROFT. The fear, at least my fear, is that BARON ASHCROFT will take back all the improvements made by government management in improving public service. SMART and BTL are now back in the MONOPOLY status under BARON ASHCROFT. The FEAR from the general public seems also to be that BARON ASHCROFT will drive BTL backward into the feudal mode of MINIMAL SERVICES, and MAXIMUM PRICING to squeeze money out of the small society of Belize, in what is a MONOPOLY.

To break the monopoly would require a seperate link to some other fiber optic cable system and any new investor would have to go to the trouble of putting up relay towers around the country. For a company that can show a profit of $15 million to $30 million a year, that is a tough hoe to row.

BARON ASHCROFT system of getting rich in Belize was to keep telecommunications a MONOPOLY, control the only viable outlet, the fiberoptic cable, use imaginative bookkeeping, to not pay taxes and offer only minimal services, particularly internet, which requires a lot of bandwidth, speed and low pricing structure, to bolster and build the economy and grow the GDP. He got very wealthy doing this. The rumbles in the street are saying Dean Boyce better watch his back in this murderous society, with hit men a dime a dozen.

PM Barrow´s reputation of being a superb Constitutional lawyer in the port town, by his sycophants, just blew up in his face. He didn´t make the same mistake though, with BEL. He seized Fortis 70% as a public necessity, for the public good.

If there is any money in cash reserves for BTL, my bet is Boyce will see that disappears over the weekend.

breaking news -- The circus gets even bigger. Dean Barrow stated on last night newscast that he expected a ruling in his favor BUT if it was not he would appeal. WELL - the judgement was handed down after 4:00pm when the Court registry closed so he could not file an appeal or ask for an injunction SO Ashcroft's team moved in on the BTL compound and took over shortly before 5:00pm - they installed a new board, sent the "deputy"CEO home and installed their own management team. According to Ashcroft's attorney it will be a steep hill to climb to ask for an injunction or stay of the judgement since the court ruled that the enabling legislation was unconstitutional so Barrow would be in effect asking the court to support an unconstitutional law while the appeal is heard.

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