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Comments from the discussion listserves by Belizeans. ( re - loss of SUPREME court case on illegality of BTL nationalization of Ashcroft majority shares )

I'm not sure. I don't think the majority of Belizeans are surprised by this train wreck. They have no confidence in their political leaders any more, nor faith in the integrity of the court system (they know that these are high rollers we're dealing with and if the common street thug can't get convicted - what do you expect). Political Parties in Belize have no vision for the future, they simply control resources for the term that they are in office and use their political powers to play games designed to enrich themselves and their business associates. Barrow is doing it using the legal skillset he has - fiddling with the constitution and chanelling legal fees to those around him. Ralph and Musa used financial wizardry to channel grant funds to private projects and DFC loans that were never meant to be paid back.

I get a mental picture of Barrow and Ashcroft smoking cigars and sipping whiskey in a secret private conversation as follows:

Barrow: "I told you it would work. See, I only borrowed btl - you will get paid back in spades now that the kangaroo court has spoken. How much did you have to pay the judge?"

Ashcroft (laughing): "I didn't pay the judge anything. What are you talking about?"

Barrow: " Don't get nervous, buddy. We have to make this thing look real."

Ashcroft: "You crazy devil. This thing is real. You cost me real money."

Barrow laughs and says, "You're the slick devil who got that crazy deal from Ralphi and Musa."

Ashcroft (grining), "Yeah, but I couldn't do it without you, buddy."

Barrow: "The game still aint over, yet."

Ashcroft: "That move with BEL was ballsy. Aren't you scared the people will revolt?"

Barrow: " Are you for real? How long you've been a Belizean? They might burn some tires, but let a few bullets fly and you'll see people scatter."

Aschroft: "You're a sick devil. That's what I like about you."

On Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 7:31 AM, MEL wrote:

Corrupt greedy politicians playing ping pong with corrupt greedy business people in a kangaroo court. Luv serving one.
Anyone really thinks that Barrow got caught off guard? This is all for show - give 'em the old razzle dazzle.


What a mess!

And what if anything does it mean for the BEL takeover?

You think he'll make the cash disappear that quickly?

If I were a news editor I'd have a journalist camping out there with cameras the entire weekend!

ps: I wonder who the justices were who took the decision.

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