Monday, June 13, 2011

Time passes on, as local Belizean investors wait for the investment climate to change and improve!

Investing in Belize Electrical Production to sell to the National Grid

This is a tricky thing politically speaking. Every year, something comes up and I ponder and dream and plan of how to get into the electrical utility supply business for the National Grid. Unfortunately there are no incentives from legislation and government actions. On the contrary, the party dynamics of every business in Belize and anything influenced, or controlled by party politics, make such an idea a very RISKY thing from a local set of investors viewpoint. The government changes the goal posts location all the time.

Still that time of year has rolled around again, and I look and research setting up a company to produce a 1 megawatt plant as a prototype. Lots of variables, ideas and options here and all I would want is a guaranteed price, lower by .4 cents Belize per kwh, than whatever BEL pays any other producer say, of 5 mgwatts or more they buy from. My electricity would always be cheaper, thus guaranteeing my local market share, one hopes?

Unfortunately I´m a lot wiser about politics in Belize, with age, and such an investment would be HIGH RISK. Which is why I contemplate currently a set of plans to build a 250 kw prototype, but in modular form to go to 10 mgwatts in expansion. Still, other than the NEED by the country for electrical independence, the political tampering risks are waaaay too great to give it a try just yet. Another year passes, another opportunity, just sitting there waiting, for the right encouragement for Belize locals to invest in the country electrical supply system.

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