Friday, June 24, 2011

PM Barrow gains 1 point of UDP REPORT CARD to 54% score

PM Barrow earns 1 point for his government´s UDP report card. Score now rises from 53% to 54%

The taking over of FORTIS 70% shares in BEL, ( caused by a National public emergency ) the electrical distribution company to save the country from an electrical blackout, created a unique opportunity to solve one of the Company´s problems. That was the dry season buying of electricity from a Mexican state electrical supplier distributor in the Yucatan. Fortis management of local BEL had hit the debt ceiling approved by the Mexicans.
The gist of it, was that a Central American Security meeting in Guatemala City was also going to have President Calderon of Mexico attending, and Prime Minister Barrow of tiny Belize was to be there as well. Barrow grabbed the BULL BY THE HORNS so to speak and did what he was paid to to do, and seize an opportunity when it occured, for a fleeting moment in time. The new appropriated 70% FORTIS SHARES of our BEL, gave our government voting control of the local BEL company and when you are faced with a problem such as presented to us by the Mexican State electrical distribution company, from whom we buy electricity in the dry season at expensive rates and difficult negotiating conditions, with somebody you owe nearly $10 million dollars and are threatening to cut you off, so that the tiny Belize economy would collapse as a result thereof. It behooves a TRUE LEADER to do what is natural. Deal with the problem from the TOP DOWN, by presenting your case to Mexican President Calderon when met in Guatemala City. PM Barrow did his job, did it proactively and promptly. That is worth 1 point at least on his government´s report card. Shortcircuiting a lot of delays and bureaucratic maneuvering with the lower bureaucracy of the Mexican State distribution company. Nothing beats orders from the top of the power chain. WELL DONE BARROW!

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