Friday, June 24, 2011


There is no social program in Belize that encourages young mothers to mother their children properly. The best that can be said, is a cash reward system by the Education Department to give a stipend to families, if children attend primary school.
You can argue the problems and causes of single mothers and young mothers until the moon turns BLUE. You will not stop girls from having babies. Girls carry the egg that makes a baby from puberty and for some girls this is from even as low as age 9 or 10. In Bogota, there is even a House of Prostitution where all the girls are under age 12 and are single mothers, living sometimes at home. The fact is; girls will get pregnant for many reasons, most of them wrong reasons, such as for affection, love, companionship, or others. Our Belizean society ignores their problems and penalizes young single mothers. There isn´t a single child care facility in any school for female students who are mothers.
In an enlightened government, it is recognized that the criminals of today and the last three generations in Belize are the result of social neglect by our government. We have to change that and the young single mother of today, needs help to be a mother, with her living conditions, and to have both herself and her children become productive members of our society, able to contribute to society when they grow up and also not only help themselves, but also contribute meaningfully to our GDP and become responsible good citizens of our society. WE HAVE TO STOP IGNORING THE PLIGHT OF YOUNG MOTHERHOOD. IT CANNOT BE HELPED AND WILL ALWAYS EFFECT A SEGMENT, OR PERCENTAGE OF SOCIETY. WHAT WE NEED ARE PROGRAMS THAT MAKE THEIR SITUATION BETTER, SO THEY THEMSELVES AND THEIR CHILDREN GET OUT OF A TRAP OF POVERTY, AND DIFFICULTY, WHICH IN OUR INCREASING TECHNICAL AND INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY HAS AS YET NO SOLUTIONS DUE TO THE CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES AND ENVIRONMENT OF BELIZE.

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Tershia said...

The social neglect of women and children is certainly an indictment of Belize. They are the marginalized members of this society. And this country lacks a safely net for not only teenager mothers, but also mothers with children whose husbands/fathers have walked away without penalty from their family responsibilities.
I find it interesting that in your article, you make no mention of fathers' responsibilities! Teen pregnancies are of course not unique to Belize, but the solution to the problem needs to start in the home, where self worth is fostered by loving and responsible parents. Belize has too many sperm donors who take no responsibility for the children they procreate. There are too many men who fornicate around, even sometimes taking their young children along for their trysts. There are parents who pimp up their little girls to allow older men to have sex with them, for some financial remuneration. These attitudes need to change. Society needs to set a moral example with checks and balances. It is when families fail, that the government needs to step in. But at the end of the day, political corruption and poverty go hand in hand. You need to clean house first.