Friday, June 24, 2011

Solving the problems caused by the USA consumption of drugs and other things.

Central American Security Conference, brings up problem of consuming countries, like the USA, which are causing criminal and murder problems in our tiny country of Belize. While Hilary Clinton, for the USA State Department pledges a few BILLION DOLLARS, which basically are just promises, or words with no reality in the REAL WORLD. To be spent in Central America, past history knows this kind of talk is just platitudes and nonsense. It will NEVER HAPPEN!

In Belize, let us think OUTSIDE THE BOX? Assume that we make the Belmopan Airstrip and surrounding area, a FREE ZONE for importing and exporting of trade goods. No customs, only taxes for use there of. No questions, whether you are smuggling Scotch Whiskey to Mexico, or American cigaretts to Guatemala, or anything like that. Make drugs like cocaine and marijuana LEGAL, at least within the FREE ZONE. You can fly in, or fly out legally, with your cargo, whatever it might be, intransit. We tax you, charge you some fees, and make some money from offering you a service, like in the Island of St. Martin. Nobody cares what you have in your warehouse, or airplane. It is all intransit, and all LEGAL. Would this make life safer and better in tiny Belize? Can tiny Belize fight the stupid drug war of the USA with our limited resources?

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