Friday, July 22, 2011

Belize Development problems and viewpoints.

Port Town ethnic CREOLES complain about lack of opportunities.

Sheesh! Are you guys out of touch? Lots of opportunities in farming. Cheese makers are growing in numbers, yet none have got to the point of advanced cheese making and packaging for export. Shortage of milk and dairy herds is the problem. I have GINGER in my yard. We are importing GINGER products, biscuits, etc., from Sri Lanka for heavens sake. Easy thing to produce, even grow your own ginger, it will grow wild. Need a small corn mill to grind the ginger roots, the aluminum food wrapping, cardboard box for shipping, a hand held gadget to crimp the aluminum foil around your roll of biscuits. Export chocolate business is wide open. About $250,000 gross of cottage industry chocolates are made and distributed solely within Belize by six chocolate makers. They cannot even satisfy the local market, as the cost of collecting your money and distribution is killing them. There are no trustworthy distributors. Same problem with book publishing. Every place wants products on consignment, but it costs too much to collect your money for sales. The big problem so far in food processing for export, is access to cardboard decorated boxes for your food product, to export and availability for food type aluminum foil rolls with your printing on them to satisfy foreign markets requirements. 3 D wood carving machines, will make all the tourist nick knacks out of wood you want. Just have to hand paint them. Nobody has any such 3 D carver yet here. I´d love to get one. I haven´t tried the ion heat generator yet, but if it worked, lots of opportunity for a series of steam operated generators providing low cost electricity to the national grid. Been thinking of starting a pilot project company to import one of those steam electric generators, but first I want to run the experiment with the ion reaction heat generator to get some stats. Then would need a few million of investment money ( by selling preferred shares ) to do the first smaller pilot project and find out the problems and expand from there. I´m 74 yrs old, unfortunately my grandkids have their own ideas and goals in their 20´s. So not much inspiration for me to be the driving force here. I´ve been trying to make my solar panel when I can occasionally spare the time. Having trouble soldering to one side of the solar cells. Just haven´t got around to playing with it yet. I burned out my volt meter and can´t find an affordable replacement locally. So been putting it off.
You have 22 year old young Belizean farmers with their own airplanes, paid for in CASH, both Mennonite and Mestizo. Who are you kidding with your complaints? EVERYBODY who works drives a vehicle now. Lots of uneducated CREOLES complaining, I will agree with untrained labor as their only recourse. But Mennonite kids only go as far as primary school and quit at age 14 yrs. After that, they learn by mentoring, trial and error self teaching off the internet.
Research and Development costs are the big problem. No guarantee you will get your money back, you have to do it by trial and error. Unorganized investment speculation funds also a big problem for small start ups selling shares in a new venture. The CREOLE run government are locked into a Colonial LOAN mentality. Don´t even understand what an Investment Bank is. The Business degrees being produced by our Universities seem not to be teaching how to start and finance a business by selling shares. They seem to be all salaried orientated types, looking for low paid government jobs. LOTS OF OPPORTUNITIES!

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