Monday, July 18, 2011

Belize UDP party loses 10 points from approval rating. Down to 29%.

UDP Government loses 10 points on their Report Card. Down to 29%.

Was reading the news this week, online and noticed that Matura Shepherd had announced that the PM Dean Barrow captive Cabinet, or pirate gang are well on their way to making Belize a tyranny. I had thought we had another 90 days before legislation will change the constitution, enabling Barrow and his gang to make surprise raids on citizens who are politically opposed to the government of the day. The surprise came, when Matura Shepherd was quoting we only have 30 days left to OBJECT to this tyrannical legislation. Enabling the government to lock up ANYBODY, at any TIME by using the new POLITICAL controlled GSU unit, under the command of a Cabinet Minister. A private political SECRET POLICE unit, that has been making night time raids, to spirit people off to jail since it´s inception.
If this is not TYRANNY and DICTATORSHIP, then I don´t understand the term. Barrow has said that without civil society OPPOSITION, he will pass this legislation, enabling him to change Belize into a POLICE STATE, run by SECRET POLICE, accountable to nobody outside of his private cabinet inside group.
BARROW wants opposition, to be vocal. Then here it is! 10 points off the REPORT CARD approval rating for the UDP government. Best I can do. It is up to the others in society to hold riots and parades, to protect our limited freedoms.

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