Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The debate in Belize on a UDP POLICE STATE of fear, terror and torture.

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Subject: Re: Bz-Culture: UDP Barrow government public support drops to 29%.
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Date: Monday, July 18, 2011, 4:29 PM


This is excellent. I know you have been rating for a while. Do you rate every month? do you have the numbers for the UDP since they came into power?


There is no regular adding or subtracting of points for the government report card. It depends on what news items attract me, and whether they are concrete improvements, done with initiative for + points and bad news items for - points. The rating is subjective on my part. You can go through the many items on the WesternBelizeHappenings, blogsite with news mostly from Cayo District. The report card rating gets posted there periodically when it changes. Explaining why?

Apparently it got a prompt reaction from the media. TV news last night had interviews with PM Barrow and M. Finnegan. Both characters in the Cabinet, hemming and hawing and saying it was not written in stone. They were backtracking. M. Finnegan made a damning admission and I´m debating whether to take points off for his declaration when he said, he WAS AGAINST this ACT, but as part of the political party and cabinet, he would HAVE to VOTE with his fellow party pirates in the CABINET, as they vote according to majority Cabinet vote. Not according to his conscience. That statement makes me revise my opinion of M. Finnegan and the admiration I HAD for the man, has taken a steep nose dive, that he puts his Cabinet position and position in his GANG of Cabinet members, ahead of the interests of the country. Makes him no different than South Side gang members dealing drugs on the street creating murder and mayhem.

Just a look at the TV news from SYRIA, YEMEN, BAHRAIN, KUWAIT, on Al Jharazer TV, shows you what dictatorships are like and how brutal and murderous they can be.
I thought M. Finnegan was a man of honesty and integrity. It is disappointing to find he is just another street thug, in politics with sworn allegience to his gang of UDP, over that of the best thing for his country.

The easiest way to protect Belize and our little bit of democracy, is BEFORE this ACT is passed. Not afterward, when you will be helpless before the political controlled SECRET POLICE. Then it will be too late. Opposition will then have to be VIOLENT and CREATE MURDEROUS ACTIONS IN RETALIATION. Better that this preventative detention ACT never EVER sees the HOUSE FLOOR in our rubber stamp parliament. Obviously we cannot expect protection from our elected representatives. Their status and earning power as Cabinet Ministers comes first to them. Money talks and screw the people.

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