Sunday, July 31, 2011

UDP report card approval rating drops to 27%.

UDP CABINET loses 5 points on Approval Rating report card, for their inability to control the bureaucracies under their control and leadership. A series of articles show that across the country, particularly along the Western border, some 14 miles inland. Lumber poachers are encourage to rape the rare tree lumber species, with the connivance of our bureaucratic departments. An article in the Amandala newspaper, July 31/11, by the Maya Leaders Alliance covered one aspect and geographic invasion in their area. The explanations given, shows that the UDP CABINET lack the leadership, the will, the capability to coordinate, and control the fiefdoms of different Belize Government institutions. You have the POLICE Department, the Forestry Department the major independent uncontrollable bureaucratic fiefdom, and the Lands Department in this one instance. There are other geographical places also along the Western border of our nation where beaucrats are runing wild with dysfunctional incompetence and not controlled by our political UDP Cabinet leadership
New score card rating for the dysfunctional UDP Cabinet is 27%..

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