Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MARCEL CARDONA is the BEST pòlitician in Belize.

Marcel Cardona, Orange Walk East elected UDP representative to parliament. Denied by his own party, for defending the interests of his constituency against the depredations of the party political gang of criminal bullies.
Marcel Cardona is the BEST politician in the UDP political party, controlling the government of Belize.
In the past year, he has been denied by the gang of criminals, making up the current controlling politics of Belize ( the UDP ). They have tried to oust him from the legislature. Isolated him to sit by himself, in the House meetings. Peer pressure, gang bullying, denial of basic elected representative rights, help for his constituents.
As a BELIZEAN I am PROUD of Marcel Cardona. He is the only politican and elected representative in the nation of Belize with a will of his own, a conscience and willing to put his constituents FIRST, over the GANG membership, called a UDP political party. Marcel Cardona is a man to be admired. He has BALLS ( testicles ) withstanding the bullying and peer pressure of the gang of sychophants surrounding the GANG leader, Dean Barrow. What Barrow wants, Barrow gets, and all his fellow gang of bullying party members know it. I´m ASHAMED of my own elected repesentative, Rene Montero. He is one of the toadys that is among the worst of the lot. Sucking up to his GANG LEADER, Dean Barrow. He will not support his constituents against the members of his gang. All this criminal gang and the previous one in government ( the PUP ) are the same. These gang members are not about serving Belize the nation, but about feathering their own pockets, with perks, vehicles, salaries, pensions, travel trips, allowances, etc. Nor will ANY OF THEM stand up to their GANG LEADER and defend the constituents that had to elect them. The best of what were bad choices.
There is much discussion about how to change the political system of Belize, instead of electing GANGS of criminals to run the country. We have two gangs representing politics and another dozen small gangs at the street level, dealing in drugs, extortion and burglary. The best idea I have heard is PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION; wherein each political party get awarded seats according to the number of votes they get in National Elections. Sort of creating a consensus in Parliament. It would certainly be better than electing a gang of criminals to be dictators for 5 years instead of a more reasonable 4 years.
The UDP have two years to change our political system to PROPORTIONAL REPRSENTATION, failing which, every right minded patriotic person should VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE. Mind you, the criminal gang of PUP could get elected if they PROMISED to convert the political system to proportional representation as their platform, in the first six months in office. The only alternative for the UDP, to do so first in the next 2 years, BEFORE the next election. Failing that, maybe the status quo will remain, with complainers, but more likely civil war will start. People will start shooting criminal gang members masquerading as patriotic politicians. One doubts that the status quo will go on much longer. It is too morally bankrupt.

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