Saturday, July 23, 2011

DICTATOR of BELIZE, proposes to remove power of SUPREME COURT.

Dean Barrow seems to have gone crazy under pressure of his job?

Audrey Matura-Shepherd

Today's Sitting of the house is historic but not for all good reasons - again our Constitution is under ATTACK!

PM tabled amendments to Sec. 2 and 69 - they are not progressive. The amendment to Sec.69 of our Constituion to oust the jurisdiction of the Court to look into the constituionality of any changes to the Constitution is illegal, mypoic, and a subversion of our democracy since our Courts as a bastion of our democracy cannot be excluded from hearing ANY case and matter - especially one that interfers with our CONSTITUTION! Belizeans - this is extremely dangerous!

The intention of the AMENDMENTS to the Constitution, are to solidify greater power in the CABINET, made up of our elected dictatorship for five years, under MAFIOSO DON, DEAN BARROW a lawyer. Also gang leader of his political party who controls the whole government now. Using a psuedynonm title of PRIME MINISTER. There are no functioning EXECUTIVE BRANCHES. The Parliament and Senate are rubber stamp, CHARADES to satisfy the outside world and fool them into thinking we have a democracy. Just like any dictatorship, whether it be Syria, or Nigeria. These amendments are to also cancel any seperate functions of the SUPREME COURT.
I don´t know what happened to Dean Barrow? I always thought he meant his BEST for building the nation of Belize. But lately, his legal ideas are myopic indeed and more in line with the idealistic first year thinking of a young law student. The tendency is not idealist, but dictatorship, like Nigeria, or Syria. In both countries they cannot feed their people and in both countries, the police, army and secret police are murdering their own dissenters by the thousands.
What we need is PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION FOR FOUR YEARS. PUP supporters need to get the PUP gang, organized and present a platform on amending the Constitution of Belize, to make Belize a consensual democracy, where Parliament is a real place of debate and votes cut across a different sections of society. Give us an alternative to vote for in the next election. Our SENATE and PARLIAMENT are non functional RUBBER STAMP CHARADES for outsiders to look at, but actually just play acting at democracy, while rule is by the CHIEF DON ( Caudillo ) of the MAFIOSO GANG controlling the CABINET. Taking away the power of the SUPREME COÜRT simply solidifies power in a dictator. Our current political government is a cruel joke, a false show for foreign consumption, with no real functions inside Belize. Either we fix it for the next election with a real choice on which a GANG of opportunists and criminals run the country on our behalf, or Belize is doomed to remain a third rate country.
The UDP will be rated on their APPROVAL RATING over the next year, on how many changes they make to amend the Constitution to make Belize a better DEMOCRACY with a functioning seperation of Executive powers, a broader ( PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION ) system of finding consensus. Each quarter of the coming year, the UDP fail to build a better DEMCORACY out of Belize in the coming year, they will lose 10 points from the report card on performance. Should the PUP offer a platform needed to make Belize a working consensual democracy, then we will have a choice of WHO to vote for in the next election.
TV NEWS, reports the amendments are meant to remove the SUPREME COURT from interpreting the Constitution and give that power to the GANG LEADER of the Mafioso in the CABINET. Thus we end up with no JUSTICE, we already have NO PARLIAMENT and NO SENATE, only a charade of seperation of powers, for foreign consumption, Like Syria and Nigeria.

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