Sunday, July 31, 2011

UDP Report CARD approval rating drops to 23%.

Article in the Amandala, by Oscar Ramirez, ( July 31/11 )is going to cost the UDP Cabinet, a loss of 10 points due to lack of coordination, leadership, management and directional control of the reorganization process of the land title processing system in the government bureaucracy. Much as they try, the UDP CABINET cannot seem to organize the Lands Department in an efficient organized expeditious manner. As TRUMAN is often quoted, "THE BUCK STOPS HERE!" In this case the long running, eternal complications with the lands department beauocratic system and fiefdom, STOPS WITH THE UDP CABINET. DYSFUNCTIONAL LEADERSHIP control is the verdict and this is going to cost the UDP CABINET 10 points. The problems are outlined in the article in the Amandala by Oscar Ramirez, titled, Crooked JP´s are the problem. The dysfunction is more than that.
This has been a festering problem for too many years. If the UDP CABINET cannot fix it, they need to resign and lets elect somebody who can manage this country better in the Lands Registry system. Faster, more reliable and less time consuming bottlenecks are needed. 10 points deducted from the Government Report Card approval rating. This now slides to UDP Cabinet rating of 23 points.

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