Sunday, July 3, 2011


Audry Matura Shepherd sparks revolt against the UDP Government.


There is not much this BLOG can do about changing the government and legislation. We have been trying for 50 years. We can let the outside world know, that we do not approve and how we judge therefore this current UDP government. They have had three years to show their mettle. The first two years were difficult financial years and we kept quiet. That honeymoon is now over. BEFORE the next election we want meaningful building of a better fair democratic society.
What we have decided is to use our REPORT CARD APPROVAL RATING TO JUDGE THIS UDP GOVERNMENT AND THEIR ACTIONS. The current approval rating of the REPORT CARD is 54%.
What we are going to do is start today, with taking off 5% for the smell and perception CORRUPTION in the UDP. This particular 5% reflects our opinion of the bus permit stealing of business, the stealing of an import permit, the wholesale nepotism by the Prime Minister and the backing of the Prime Minister as GANG LEADER of his Cabinet Members using the facilities of office to steal businesses by permit cancellations.
What we want to see is along the lines outlined by Audry Matura Shepherd in her article RIGHT TO THE POINT in the Amandala newspaper of July 3rd., 2011.
In essence we do not want business as usual. We agree with Audry we want the UDP to improve our democracy by making amendments to our legislation, to advance the style of governance we desire. What we will do, is JUDGE THIS UDP GOVERNMENT EACH QUARTER ( 3 MONTHS ) UNTIL THE NEXT ELECTION.. If any quarter passes without corrective, or new legislation for the improvment of our democracry, we will deduct 10 points from the UDP Report Card, as a penalty.

Audry Matura Shepherd has given us a beginning list of things this society needs to make a better place to live for ALL Belizeans.

a) She says that if she had to choose between a government of pirates that steal from the treasury and her RIGHTS OF FREEDOM. She would choose FREEDOM. Her first complaint was to do with petroleum rights. In which the government passed an amendment Section 17 of the Constitution, to remove the RIGHT of a landholder, to go to court to challenge the level of compensation if petroleum is found under their land. FIX IT UDP before the NEXT ELECTION.

b) More recently, Section 5 of the Constitution which seeks to take away the difference between SUSPICION and GUILT. This is called a PREVENTATIVE DETENTION LAW and is but the first step in a DICTATORSHIP ruled by fear, persecution and terror and false imprisonment, which ultimately will lead to rape, torture, false imprisonment on the whim of politicians, or the political controlled police. In India, today on the news, they were saying on an INDIAN broadcast, the most FEARED apparatus of their government was their police. I would not like to live that way. This proposed law says they can disappear you in Belize for 21 days and nobody will know where you are, or what is happening to you. This can be extended for another month. And if current 72 hours police detention law is any guide, will simply mean you get released and re-arrested and disappeared again to comply with the law indefinitely. SCRAP any idea of passing such a set of laws, it will only be the start of a violent guerilla war in Belize. This law is simply a failure of poor leadership.

c) Audry talks about the emphasis of laws to regulate, take away rights, but we are lacking laws implemented by this UDP to protect us from misuse of government. Mentioned are laws needed to make it a criminal act for government to make secret agreements, or a law that does not permit a guarantee of profits, or use Social Security money to bail out cronies bad business deals, failed businesses or bad business judgement. We need laws to protect us from the criminals and swindlers in political office.

d) Audry asks for laws that would criminalize and penalize bad decisions made by Cabinet Ministers. Or prevent contracts in perpetuity. Or government making loans from private banks.

e) Instead Audry asks for laws give us rights to clean drinking water, right to an education, right to health care, right to a clean pristine environment, right to clean air, or to housing.

Audry says in her article it is time our UDP government start giving us back some HOPE.

e) Additional improvements can be made legislatively for proportional representation, an elected police Commissoner INDEPENDENT of political control. If you have other legislative recommendations write me and I will put them on here, to make our society better. Can we change the UDP around? Won´t know until the next election.

f) Contribution by Trevor. If a voter in one district does not like any of his candidates, he should be able to vote in another district for someone he does like.

g) Recent bullying and rowdiness in the Parliament offends voters. We obviously need a different political system and proportional representation has been the best idea yet put forward. Time to change the status quo. This is only constant stagnation as a country.

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