Tuesday, February 24, 2009


overweight people growing in Belize


The obesity study carried out for the past three years in Santa Elena Town, of Western Belize, by Belize Development Trust volunteers, reveals nothing really startling.
Obese people are ADDICTS. They must both eat and have something to chew. Their will power capabilities are low. The more you eat, the more you desire. A vicious reinforced cycle.
The study showed that TWO CUPS of food per day, were adequate and would keep a person in good health. The upper parameter would be THREE CUPS of food in a day. More than that in the amount of food consumed and you would gain weight.
Some side issues of the OBESITY study, showed that it was QUANTITY and VOLUME of food that mainly created OBESITY in Belize.
It did not seem to matter if you ate twice, or three, or even seven times a day, so long as the QUANTITY and VOLUME of total food eaten was no more than two to three cups in size.
Side issues were health, and in this regard were important and those TWO CUPS of food should include five different types of food, to make sure your body received the essential vitamins and minerals in the minute quantities provided. Your body is simply an organic machine.
There was ONE EXCEPTION to the rule regarding the QUANTITY, OR VOLUME of food you ate per day and that is if you eat fresh vegetables, or fruits, you could eat as much as you wanted. This is because they were mainly water.
Processed foods mostly imported, were for the most part BAD for you. Soft drinks were bad for you and almost guaranteed to give you cellulose and a rubber tire around your waist line. Distilled bottled water tends to leach out necessary chemicals and minerals the body needs to function properly. Tap water worked fine in the study.
DIABETES is increasing in Belize, and the current increase for the need of DIALYSIS treatments were complications of eating too much food in quantity. Coupled most often with processed foods. Kidney problems were also complications of things that you drink. Juices should be alternated with fresh water.
The ADDICTION to food in large quantities is aided by SMELL, TASTE BUDS of the tongue and mouth. The need to CHEW something. Recommended as alternatives were BEEF JERKY and CHEWING GUM to satisfy the chewing drive the ADDICTION to food instigated.
The study was not done by a CLINIC, or the MEDICAL PROFESSION, but by lay person volunteers on a pragmatic, empirical scientific basis. The proofs were found by loss of weight and increased agility and health by the volunteers who lost weight. The subject of exercise training was tried many times. Indeed it is probably a secondary key component of tackling OBESITY. Exercise alone was found not to work, UNLESS you first controlled the amount of food entering the body, to keep it functioning normally.
The major conclusions of this study, found that QUANTITY and VOLUME of daily consumed food were the most important parameters. People are eating too big a plate of food it was found. Restaurants were serving too large portions, more than the body could use.
Working meals were found to be a BANANA breakfast. SOMOSA, TOSTADA, GANACHE for lunch and something very light, like soup for supper. Snacks of vegetables and fruit worked well to fight the craving of eating ADDICTION. Beef Jerky chewing and chewing gum were found to be excellent aids between meals to reduce the size of the stomach, satisfy the cravings of smell, chewing, taste buds and to reinforce the necessary WILL POWER.

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