Sunday, February 15, 2009


Guatemalan Foreign Ministry
Belize Foreign Ministry

The consensus among the Belizean public is that the UDP CABINET and Foreign Ministry made a darned fool mistake by even considering the Guatemalan NEW CLAIM to half of Belize, based on the fact, that centuries ago, SPAIN and PORTUGAL divvied up in theory, the AMERICAN Continent for invasion and conquest, by a declaration by some feudal religious Catholic POPE in Rome, by a line of longitude, during the early centuries of Imperialism by Europeans.
Modern day Belizeans do not relate to this antique argument. Guatemala who in turn wrested their INDEPENDENCE from Spain more than a hundred years ago, has some weird idea that they inherited the POPE in Rome’s, right of conquest and declaration of ownership of all of the AMERICAS. Pure nonsense of course and what our BLACK port town politicians were thinking, in their FEARS and MEMORIES of sixty years ago or more, of the Guatemalan Military Mafia style dictatorships, when the Catholic Church of the Americas along with military ruling Generalismo dictators slaughtered their own BLACK populations, has lent an ancestral memory of fear, to any overtures by modern day democratic Guatemala. I certainly remember when you could not travel in Central America, unless you had the outward appearance of religious conformity to the CATHOLIC - military dictatorship partnership of the old conquistador system, by wearing a cross around your neck, for fear of being persecuted.
Needless to say, Belizeans are rejecting any concept of any claim by Guatemala and their arguments of European WARS and TREATIES between the old enemies of Spain, England, Holland and FRANCE a couple of centuries ago. The facts are; that BELIZE became an INDEPENDENT country under the auspices of the WORLD GOVERNMENT of the United Nations, in 1981.
The Guatemalans profess they are stuck, because some old Generalismo Dictator injected a clause into their Guatemalan Constitution, laying claim to half of Belize territory and it is a treasonous act to reject, or eliminate this clause from their CONSTITUTION. Pure nonsense of course! Grow up Guatemala, we are not going to the ICJ for your benefit. Furthermore, our UDP dominated BLACK current government will LOSE the next election if they do go to the ICJ. Belize is an independent and sovereign nation and our BLACK members of government better stand up like men and quit playing the game of wishy washy feardy cats. Gambling with the territorial integrity and destiny of Belizeans is not allowed. BE WARNED!

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