Wednesday, February 4, 2009

VENEZUELA offers Belize free medical treatment!

photo/image of Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela
Map of Venezuela


Two SOCIALIST countries now offer Belizeans free medical treatment. Both CUBA and VENEZUELA offer Belizeans, free round trip plane trips, accommodation, meals and all medical treatment free.
Cuba has been supplying Belize, our Cuban doctors for years. We would not have medical personal in our rural village clinics, if it was not for our friends the CUBANS. Now we are also being offered by President Hugo Chavez SOCIALIST government, free medical treatment.
Last year, the Venezuelan Embassy had mentioned to me, that they had intended to put a 737 jet liner on a weekly schedule between Caracas and Belize. This to serve the growing Venezuelan population moving here for associated diplomatic and Embassy reasons. I think later this month I will check with the Venezuelan Embassy, next time I’m in Belmopan and get the full story? According to local television news casts, the program will start with eye operations, like cataract surgery, but will be available for other medical surgeries, not available in Belize, but can be performed in Caracas, Venezuela. The sole criteria will be a pre-screening exam, before such a surgical trip can be offered.
I think Venezuela is to be admired and congratulated on their efforts to change the world, or at least the Caribbean countries with such a socialist medical service. The USA medical service and health system is bankrupt, with about one third of their population lacking the means to get treatment. Those that remain, even with medical insurance, often cannot get decent medical treatment either. The medical system, particularly USA hospital corporate groups are also known to be preying on sick older people and putting LIENS on their house and assets, for outrageously bloated costs for medical treatment, that should cost pennies, not millions of dollars. The medical system in the USA is very bad and not a good example to follow for Caribbean governments. Belize does get USA PRIVATE doctor and volunteer medical groups coming to Belize during their COLD WINTERS, to ostensibly treat remote rural communities here, from the USA. This is to the good of course and Belizeans are grateful. It is a fair trade, a working vacation in our tropical paradise during their coldest snow winters for medical treatments that can be used, for a tax write off in the USA medical and tax regime.
All through Central America, US retirees are moving here for the climate and one of the big reasons mentioned is affordable health medical treatment.
Here in Cayo West, we are proud of our CUBAN doctor medical staff, in the Twin Towns Government General Hospital, they do a darned good job. We welcome this new move by VENEZUELA.
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