Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Caricom Heads of Governments


CARICOM meetings were postponed again! Next adjournment to the proposed Heads of Government meetings is set for March 12th., and 13th, , of 2009. The Prime Ministerial subcommittee on the Single Market and Economy with the acronym CSME and the groups of Heads of Government, established to consider issues related to the governance of the Caribbean Regional Negotiating Machinery CRNM, have also been rescheduled to be held in Belize, just prior to the 20th Inter-sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government on the 12th. of March.
Doesn’t that sound impressive and important to you? What a bunch of BOMBAST and POMPOSITY from a bunch of losers, left over from the failed West Indian Federation idea. CARICOM is pretty much failed also, and going down the toilet.
It reminds me of a big fish hauled in the bottom of my boat, flipping and flopping, all over the floorboards, as the fish gasps out it’s last breaths of life. When will it actually die though? That is the question? The Common Market idea and Economic Integration died when the CARICOM countries including our own Belize, as expressed by our PM Barrow, signed onto the European Union blandishments for the EPA. CARICOM got lumped into another impressive sounding ACRONYM by the European Union ( forget which ), that puts CARICOM fourteen countries, into another failing European Union organized bunch of trading countries; including the Africans and the South Pacific small countries. We got suckered by CARICOM and the European Union into accepting the EPA, which opened our trade markets to Europeans, in order to secure our sugar market and industry. Less than two months later after the EPA got signed, we got shafted and the price of our sugar got cut by 36%. What a mess and a bunch of dunces we have in CARICOM. They are playing with SHARKS. Not only can they not run their own governments and countries and balance their budgets, they much less are able to do so with fourteen countries of us.
I love all the ceremonial pomposity and verbiage though. If political talk and bureaucratic use of impressive sounding words were work, or money. We would all be rich in CARICOM. CARICOM is getting to sound a lot like the PENTAGON for acronyms. This is intended to confuse the lay person, who is paying the taxes, to keep all these useless bureaucrats and politicians running around from each others country, on expense accounts and paid travel trips. Puff their heads and egos, brag of their self imposed titles and sound famous and impressive. All for naught. Just a bunch of posers, con men, grifters and scam artists. They couldn’t negotiate their way out of a big paper bag, or Raul’s Rose Garden when they were short of money.
Latest word is that AIR JAMAICA finally bit the dust. The airline had been costing the Jamaican taxpayer about $500 million a year and was home and jobs, for all those relatives of the politicians and bureaucrats in Jamaica. Salaried people, run by nepotism and party hacks, do not produce performance based work and criteria. At least not in CARICOM.
Ho hum! More free rides for the politicians and bureaucrats. You got to hand it to them, they know how to milk the treasuries and the tax payers though. Putting our countries further into foreign debt.
We still have no transportation system between CARICOM countries for either; trade freight, or passenger transportation. Until they solve that problem there is no real justification for CARICOM, except an International political voice, training of Lawyers and I can’t really think of anything else? My mind draws a blank! At least the joint international political voice and UN vote, is worth foreign aid to us from TAIWAN and VENEZUELA. If Hugo Chavez plays his cards right and re-adjusts his economic ideas, Chavez might even take over from CARICOM all together. He has more potential and capability to join the CARICOM countries together than the European Union.

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