Monday, February 2, 2009

ICA Stones and the Brontasaurus in Peru

Map of valley where ancient engraved stones found.
Over 15,000 stones going back 150 million years, with humans and dinosaurs co-existing
Dinosaur and human


Some years ago I put forward the theory that humans farmed dinosaurs, back in the dinosaur age. Based on fossil footprints found in Texas of humans and dinosaurs together, frozen in TIME and MUD casts, which were excavated.
Well now the ICA stones of Peru have opened Pandoras Box of human history. Thousands of stones, carved with all manner of prehistoric dinosaur creatures have been found in a remote desert valley of Peru. THOUSANDS! Some of the carvings show Giant humans killing Tyronaus Rex with a weapon and others show humans riding the Brontasaurus. This would make humans over twenty feet tall. We did have a different environment, air quality and other factors during that ancient time. That is a lot of ICE AGES ago though. Look up ICA stones and see what you think. Tihuanaco is still a puzzling ruin and while dating says 13,000 years, it may be a millions of years older than that.

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