Monday, February 2, 2009

Belize Port Town Creole Aristocracy

One of the main leaders of the age of post colonial ROYAL CREOLE aristocracy in the port town of Belize City.


Charles X in the weekend’s AMANDALA lamented in his article “OH WENDY” the loss of the Creole majority on demographics, in the Belize population, to the Mestizo majority of Belize today. Wendy had argued in a previous week’s article that she would have rather have had, a CENTRAL AMERICAN passport, than the ARISTOCRATIC townie colonial attached lawyer and current party leader/Prime Minister of the UDP made, when going for the CARICOM passport decision on behalf of all Belizeans, without any public consultation, or even a REFERENDUM for the two choices.
Out in Western Belize most people, where half the population of Belize the nation live, would have more use for the Central American passport and that is a fact. The number of roads, four lane paved highways, bridges and speedy road communications that our Central American neighbors have built and continue to build, joining all of Central America together, including Belize, is nothing more than staggering. You can drive to San Pedro Sula from Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District in about 8 or 9 hours. From the Rio Dulce you can do it in 2 or 3 hours to San Pedro Sula. You can do Salvador in 9 hours and Guatemala City in 9 hours. By the end of the month I will be able to tell you if the road to COBAN via Xayache and onward from Coban to Panachjel on Lake Atitlan is actually paved or not, as reported in the TRAVEL FORUMS of tourists, because I intend to check it out myself. If so, this interior central highway route will by-pass that over trafficked, BARRIOS to GUATEMALA CITY valley highway route that is a dog leg of another 300 miles from Santa Elena Town and the Benque border post, saved for Central American travel, joining the Pan American highway system. It is a fact, that Belize communications and transportation with the rest of Central America is now by paved highways and in some cases they are brand new four lane asphalted highways. We need to connect Jalacte in the South with the Guatemalan highway system.
The crux of Charles X article using Wendy’s letter to the editor as a fulcrum, was lamenting the loss of the coastal Creole population by migration to the city metropolises of the industrialized world in the Northern Temperate Zones, with which they are more familiar as a culture, in their slave salaried job mentality. The past education system taught them to be salaried people, another name for slave. The slave salaried job mentality always suffer in economic downtowns. The majority of the population of Belize live as entrepreneurs in an agrarian society off agriculture and such private sector service functions in the shape of stores and services to feed the needs of the farmers. It is agriculture, that is the core of the taxes that support the Creole population in civil service jobs. Except for a minority of Creoles, mostly involved at the subsistence milpero hand machete level in agriculture, nearly all of that native born ethnic, port town, Creole group have insisted on civil service clerical work, rather than the more labor intensive, uncertain, but better paying agriculture farm building choices open to them. It is the Maya and the Mestizo, a few Creoles and a growing number of Caucasian immigrants that are pioneering and developing the country of Belize.
Clinton de Luna has weighed in from up North, in the Corozal District in this debate, with his defense of the Mayan population, who have been living in Belize since the last Ice Age. The Maya are too busy with the work of agriculture and wresting a living from the land, to be bothered with the sophistry of the debates favored by the port city intellectuals. He actually says they can take their BAYMAN history arguments and shove it. The rest of us applaud him for speaking evident truths. He and his fellow Maya and Mestizos born in Belize, do not identify with the Creole history created by the port town Aristocratic, European loving, Colonial minded intellectuals. Even the National Flag is a travesty of Creole salaried role mentality creationism. The flag was certainly not created by the many pioneers building this nation. We would rather have something more distinctive, like a coconut tree on a green background for a National flag.
Outside of the port town, the rest of the country disagree with the CARICOM joining, in such a form as a CARICOM passport and Wendy is quite right, in that if a REFERENDUM had been held, it would have been chosen to use the CENTRAL AMERICAN passport. Unfortunately, we were not asked by the port townie ruling political Creole aristocracy, who are self centered on getting rich off politics, from the taxes paid by the pioneers and nation builder producers, in the districts.
It is sad to even read articles and editorials by the AMANDALA writing inflammatory stuff, that reflects Central America and Guatemala of 40 or 50 years ago, rather than that of the past two decades since the Reagan Cold War came to an end. The editor is so woefully out of touch with reality, that progress and change has left him behind with his old man memories of his youth. Sort of like Generals of the last war, being asked to lead the soldiers in today’s war. If you do not change and move with events, you are going to lose and lose big.
It is not only the Central American passport versus the Caricom passport issue either, being led by the so-called aristocratic Royal Creoles, but economics is suffering as well. Caricom as a market for Belize, at this point in history is laughable as a joke. A common currency even a worse joke, as of the 14 countries in Caricom, only one, or maybe two, actually have a fiscally sound government. All the rest are basket cases of debt economics, with debt ratios to GDP even worse than Belize. On average about 170% to GDP. This ratio also indicates the managerial skills of the island nations comprising CARICOM. They are 95% pure LOSERS for management skills. About the only tie we have left with CARICOM countries, is the legal system and training of lawyers and foreign policy as a joint voice. Our education system over the past dozen or more years has surpassed and diverged dramatically from Caricom norms and now follows the more successful USA Community College model. One could say we do not even have a common educational system any more with the British Commonwealth. Which is why Belize is more successful than the rest of them, in the Caribbean, who still export their brain drain to industrialized countries of the Northern hemisphere. Belize is growing and our losers are migrating also. Only the tough are surviving in Belize and doing very well indeed. Pioneering and nation building, only caters to the strong of heart, the patriotic and proud. The rewards are good, but the weak will always flee to other pastures, which seem greener, taking their slave salaried mentality with them. So be it, the population left, will be one tough sons of guns. Survival is the name of the game, whether for a family, a community, or a nation.
Right now our future economics and trade are tied NOT to CARICOM, but to Central America and North America. Just think, by crossing the border at Melchor de Menchos I can telephone anywhere in the world, including the USA for 3 cents Bz. a minute, while in Belize under the British engendered monopoly telecommunications piratical system, the same phone call runs about $3 a minute, my neighbors in Hillview say. I wouldn’t know, I cannot afford to use the telephone in Belize. I have a cell phone to receive phone calls, but very rarely call out and only SMART gives me erratic reception. The BTL monopoly has no signal in our lower Hillview community on the slope of Green Parrot Valley. I had some guests visiting today from Guatemala and they were trying to use their BTL phones and I laughed and told them they were useless in our section of Belize and loaned them my SMART telephone, which is only marginally better.
What was shameful to read in recent newspapers, that the CROOK REPORT states that 70% of our policemen, do not have, or only have a Standard Six education, which is equivalent to Grade 8 in North America. Not only that, the literacy comprehension rate of such policemen is near to zero. What a sad state of affairs! This is leadership by a port town political aristocracy?

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