Sunday, February 15, 2009


More and more greenhouses are starting in Belize.


The United Nations Development Program in Belize is advertising for Green House materials for growing vegetables in Belize. They are asking suppliers of sun shade, green house materials to bid. The program is intended to develop small farmer capability for year round growing of vegetables for local consumption and export. The majority of farmers in Belize have less than 2.2 acres and the program is intended to increase output at the commercial level over the soil based milpa growing system, customarily used; that only works to the two rainy seasons in Belize. The e-mail address is in Belmopan: for bidders of materials. There is a new business opportunity for package manufacturers in Belize of pre-fabricated green houses.

The Belize Development Trust ( NGO of International volunteers ) is quitting the development process tropical vegetable growing project, which took three years and four books on growing vegetables research and experimentation in tropical Belize. The Agriculture Department and the International Institutions can now take over the process of developing the vegetable industry in Belize. The program project of the Belize Development Trust was one of DOING the job by EXAMPLE and proofs and publishing and disseminating the data on the results. The methodology was to do things and not TALK about doing things, but just to do them and show the success by example. The Belize Development Trust ( NGO ) has had many projects, to help Belize grow as a small country. In this case, the goal was to demonstrate the practicality, the knowledge through research and experiments and publish same. The goal was to overcome the resistance at the bureaucratic and political level, through actually demonstrating results, by doing it. This worked and the Belize Development Trust NGO is satisfied and considers the jump start aspects of the agriculture project successful. In the previous fifteen years, the Taiwanese Mission had been doing such vegetable growing research, but under the guidance of the Ministry of Natural Resources, done on a government to government basis. They were stuck in small milpa farmer ancient simple technology and the complaint of the Taiwanese Mission was that the local Ministry of Natural Resources people didn’t know enough to set parameters, or even ask the right questions. The vegetable growing technology was outdated and blocked by closed civil service minds, to different modern ways of doing things. The independence of the Belize Development Trust ( NGO ) project and publications and dissemination of information, utilizing latest technology, enabled us to achieve a mental breakthrough of the old ways of doing things into more remunerative ways. The previous antiquated opinions of bureaucratic colonial prejudices were tackled privately, without warning, or catering to the feelings of obstinate mental blocks of the bureaucratic agriculture old guard, stuck in a time warp of colonial mentality. The vegetable project became successful, due to demonstrating the feasibility of growing vegetables on a year round basis, without regard to seasons. Currently, there is a rapid increase of knowledge available, new entrepreneurs and the NEW UDP government and foreign institutions with greater financial resources are now stepping up to the plate, to continue developing the vegetable growing techniques in Belize. The increased financial rewards are always a great motivator. At the Belize Development Trust, we call this DEVELOPMENT by EMBARRASSMENT of government institutions, that are bogged down in old bureaucratic ways of doing things, run by civil service fiefdoms. The methodology is not to TALK, but to do it and show by EXAMPLE how things work. Nobody argues with profit and money results.

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