Saturday, February 14, 2009

Belizean Math Olympiad 2009 and miscellaneous updates on Belizean development.

Wendy Auxillou, writer and spokesperson for her disadvantaged Maya and Mestizo descendants in Belize.
Studying and practicing for the rapid response National Belize Math Olympiad

With cable tv and the channel PLUS TV, we are seeing many new documentaries in our part of Belize, of things we only briefly read about in the weekend newspapers. The Orange Walk MATH OLYMPIAD was spectacular, as I watched it this morning. The competition fierce, but Muffles College ( high school ) two contestants were extra superb. I could not believe my eyes and ears, as the contestants had to mentally solve problems to do with calculating compound interest totals ( I can’t even do that myself ) Calculating answers using a BASE 7 system of math was another feat that startled me. They had only seconds to calculate and provide the answers. It was a testimony to the skill of the teachers in the Orange Walk District. The MATH OLYMPIAD was outstanding. We got some very bright children in this next generation growing up here in Belize. Smarter by far, than comparable schools in Miami, Florida, with which I have some small acquaintance.

Weather- misty mornings are the rule around Hillview and Green Parrot Valley, these mornings and being awakened by the birds singing their hearts out after the sun rises. This is a VERY pleasant way to wake up.

Prime Minister Barrow is coming across in his port town press briefings very well recently. ( He lives in the port and has his law office there) – so he has moved the Government of Belize apparently, back to the OLD Colonial capital in the coastal port, for his personal convenience, from Belmopan? Anyway, BARROW in his speeches is coming across better and better, as his UDP become acclimatized to the political governing role. There first six or seven months were really shaky, but they seem to be getting a grip on things now. Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister, I watched on TV with the sugar cane farmers dispute resolving and his speeches were VERY GOOD. He is an impressive orator. There have been rumors out WEST that he was a crook in government, but you could not draw that opinion by watching him deal with the Cane Farmers in Orange Walk. He was very good and extremely eloquent. I’m going to reserve judgement on people I don’t know and have never met, until we see the performance based actions of this new UDP CABINET.

The Mestizos and Maya are starting to contest the rule of the nation of Belize by the PORT TOWN CREOLES, who dominate in the control of government policy and government bureaucracy. There is starting to be a growing vocal bunch of writers, interpreting the meaning of being Belizean, which includes our orientation in foreign policy. These writers so far, including Valentino Shal, Clinton de Luna, and Wendy Auxillou. It is extremely good to get counterpoint arguments on the destiny of the Nation of Belize from another ethnic group perspective. Something that has been sadly lacking for so long. Part of this growth in debate is coming from a better education system.

There was a hurrah last weekend about some upper tertiary conferences and the needs of the country in higher education. I feel that the higher education people are doing very well over the last ten years. What I feel personally that the Minister of Education should be concentrating on, is the PRIMARY SCHOOL system. Not the higher education system. To read the CROOK REPORT on our police force and find out that constables only have a Standard 6 education ( Grade 8 in the USA or Canada ) startled me. I thought the educational qualifications had been raised some years ago. To find that the education level of police constables was so low SHOCKED me! If scarce resources are going to be expended on education, then PRIMARY SCHOOL educational levels are probably top priority for our Nation. There is something definitely wrong here in Education? I think entry levels for police should be raised to two years of High School. They need math and sciences to teach them how to deal with problems in life. These high school subjects, teach students to reason and think.


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