Monday, February 2, 2009

Belize Tourism WAAAY down for January!

Typical overnight backpacker traveler tourist.

Just checked with tour operators and the Tourist Business in Cayo West is WAAAAy Down. We await the BTB statistics with much interest.

One Belizean just back from CANCUN, says he got a suite on the beach in the most expensive hotel, for $80 a night, had his own jacuzzi in the suite, all food free, all drinks free, everything free. CANCUN is FULL, overbrimming with tourists.
The story was the Mexican government got the airlines to halve their fares to CANCUN and the hotels to cut prices by 50%. IT WORKED for them.
The whole overnight tourist industry in Cayo West is complaining of the scarcity of tourists during the month of January. Blamed are rapacious airline ticket costs to Belize.

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